Saturday, July 25, 2009


6'2", 200 lb and 15 year old Luke Dillier is missing. Luke went to his brother's violin lesson on Friday July 24, 2009 around 9 AM in the area of Coit and 635. He said he had forgotten something in his van and left the instructor's house to go out and retrieve it. He never returned. If anyone has any info about his whereabouts, knows of any suspicious activity in the area, or has any other information, please immediately call 911 and relay the information.

Please keep Luke and his family in your prayers. Luke is a sweet, loyal, intelligent young man - devoted to his faith, family and community. His family is desperate to have him back home with them. Please send this link to all you can to get Luke's face out there to hopefully bring him home quickly and safely. ~ from this Facebook page

Luke's family went to the same parish we did for a few years. We remember him as a tall, sweet, soft spoken young man. My kids called him "George" when they were little even though we told them his name was Luke. They were 2, 3, and 4 then and were just enamored with this big, tall boy! He never minded that they always got his name wrong. He would just sweetly smile and chuckle. Please, dear Lord, return him to his family safe and sound!

His brother is in the Coast Guard Academy and needs safe travel prayers to help get him home as soon as possible. His family needs prayers to cope during this unspeakably difficult time. Husband has gone to join the search efforts and I will update when he has more information. We are trying to get as much media attention as we can so please, spread the word.

*They now have a Twitter page set up.

* Update: KTVT Channel 11 or 21 will be running an interview with Luke's oldest brother tonight at 10pm.

*Update: The police dogs tracked his scent for about a mile before the dogs got dehydrated and had to be pulled in. There are many bus routes in that area. The police are treating it as a runaway situation.

*Update: He has brown eyes and was wearing a dark green and brown striped polo shirt and dark brown khaki pants. Also, at this time, the family does not suspect foul play.


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