Sunday, July 26, 2009


You can help!
Please take Luke's picture and post it on your blog in the sidebar with a link to this Facebook page which is an open group (you don't need an account). All of the evidence right now points to the strong probability that he left of his own free will. Whether he had help, nobody knows. What happened to him after he left, nobody knows. It is possible that he is still in this area. It is possible that he's making his way to other parts of the country. If we can get his picture circulated far and wide, we stand the best chance of someone recognizing him. It only takes one to bring him home.

St. Raphael, protect him! St. Luke, protect him! St. Anthony, please find him!


  1. Oh, good! I was going to contact you about doing this. Great minds think alike!

    I'll post this picture instead.


  2. Done. Praying he is found soon!


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