Friday, July 31, 2009

7 Quick Takes

On a tearful note: My heart is heavy for the Snow Family as they kiss their little sainted one goodbye. Their strength and faith is awe-inspiring.

On a cheerful note: I have blueberry muffins, blue candles, blue vases, blue dishes and blue ribbons just waiting to decorate my house for a Baby Blue Brunch Shower I am hosting tomorrow for another SIL in the area who is due to deliver a bouncing baby boy in October. I love sonograms! I know there are people who want to be "surprised" and those who have been surprised to find out that the sonogram lied. But I just delight in getting to decorate and plan and shop with a theme in mind and "gender neutral" just doesn't do it for me!

On a joyful note: Still listening to L'Angelus and loving it. This kind of music is seriously energizing! It gets you up and gets you moving. I am very happy to report that Husband (not a country music fan) enjoys them too. He says, "They have an authentic sound. You can't fake that."

On a fearful note: I hate leaving my kids with baby sitters even if they are a family we have known for years who are perfectly capable of taking care of them. I know. I should be excited to get to go out with my husband, right? I'll keep telling myself that.

On a playful note: I bought two American Girl games after Christmas when they were on clearance for $5. We (even the boys) have been enjoying them. I thought they would be little, mindless diversions, but they surprisingly take some skill and strategy. The boys would like me to point out that they are opting to use Lego figures, not American Girl characters! They also burp out loud when they play.

On a distasteful note: I always assume that if someone doesn't like what I have to say that they would argue against it or just ignore it and move on. Personal attacks really surprise me. This week, I learned just how utterly contempible I am to someone else. I pray that my actions and words never make anyone feel that despised.

On a thankful note: I always appreciate those people who are interested in a different perspective and are willing to share theirs with me. I am trying to teach my children that learning is a never ending activity and that charity means respecting other people even when you don't agree with their opinions. I am constantly finding something new to think about out here in this great big online world. I am thankful for those people who allow others to disagree with them on non-essential matters as long as we are united in the essential ones.

Happy Friday!


  1. I can't imagine how you would be contemptible to anyone. That's too bad for that person. I'm sure they're carrying some heavy load!

  2. I love you quick takes -- you are always SO creative!

    I just read about little Matthew going to heaven and am in tears for the Snow Family. You are so right though, their strength and faith really is inspiring!

    What a lucky SIL to have YOU planning a shower for her!! From what I've seen here, you are the most amazing party planner EVER!! =) I agree though, it is SO much fun knowing what the little one is going to be... we are finding out in a couple weeks and I can hardly WAIT!!!

    I am going to have to click through and listen to L'Angelus -- they sound GREAT!! I could use some fun music to motivate me as I try and finish up all this rearranging of rooms.

    And on #6/7, I am sorry to hear that someone feels that way about you, and will say a prayer for that person, and one for you.

    God Bless, Charlotte, and have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. oh boy -- that ended up being a long comment and I didn't even comment on everything!

    (though I did want to keep going and ask if your girls have the American Girl dolls and what you think of them... My oldest daughter recently saw a catalog from them and was asking for one for her birthday next month. They are just SO expensive!)

  4. From an old friend of the Rees family. They are indeed the real deal! We were blessed to have them with us in the Pensacola Homeschool community for a few years. After the homebirth of my child number 5, (we now have six), Katie and Paige came and were my nursemaids, they took care of the children, cooked, cleaned, and sang to us. We had a blessed joyful time with them and all I had to do was sit and nurse my beautiful infant. We love them very much. They have always been stars to us and I am really glad to see them succeeding in the national and international scene. These girls not only sing and play their hearts out they are excellent homemakers and a huge help to their mother Linda. So as you I listen to them on cd I picture them in my livingroom singing to my children. They are real Angels.

  5. Oh Charlotte cyber hugs to you{{{}}} Just imagine me there for you, I'd bring chocolate to cheer you up; the real deal that is, Cadbury:)

  6. #6 Makes me very sad too and is really quite incomprehensible! Ouch. Sending lots of love and appreciation and cyber hugs and chocolate and whatever else might help make up for such nasties. xo

  7. I'm sorry about #6.

    Emily and John are truly awe inspiring.

    I agree with you totally about the leaving the children. It's very, very difficult for me.

  8. I can't imagine anyone uttering harsh words toward you Charlotte. I'm so sorry.

  9. Having finally met you in person (didn't think I ever would) I am even more surprised by #6 than I was on Friday. I can't even imagine anyone reacting that way to you. You are as sweet "IRL" as you are on your blog.

    It was a true pleasure to meet you today. Hopefully we will meet again under more joyful circumstances.


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