Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lawn Jay Loose

I'm waltzing a lot right now and really finding it hard to not two-step in the kitchen listening to the amazing music of L'Angelus. Darn these sandals! Where are some boots when you need 'em? You can take a peek at them on YouTube.

From their website:
A brother and two sisters- from Lafayette, Louisiana who deliver the spirit of their Cajun and Irish roots with heart, wit, flair and confidence through some of the sweetest harmonies and most electrifying sounds you'll ever hear.

It's all true. Ca C'est Bon is delighting my ears and feet right now (along with Lily Mae and Marianne and The Waltz of St. Cecilia...), but earlier, we were all enjoying the beautiful harmonies of their Sacred Song Collection. The Tantum Ergo will make you cry while the hauntingly beautiful Salve Regina calms your soul. And just when I thought I had their style figured out, the smooth Spanish style of Muerto Para El Mundo pleasantly surprised me. But my favorite is Be Thou My Vision which draws you in with the evocative strains of the first verse sung in the original Old Irish written by St. Dallan Forghaill sometime in the 6th century.

The liner notes to Ca C'est Bon were written by the father (of seven ten children) on the Feast of the Assumption 2005. He says:

I also thought about expounding on the theory that our Cajun culture is in danger of being extinguished by the modern attack of those who would reduce it to food and song, attempting to kill its soul- the Catholic faith of our ancestors that compelled them to preserve their way of life even when the cost was dear.

Mr. Rees, your family is doing a beautiful job of following in their ancestors' toe-tapping footsteps of Faith. Thank you for sharing them with us! I'm pretty sure my girls want to learn French now.

*I was not compensated for this review in any way. I ordered these two CD's on my own after seeing a link to them on Aquinas and More and am delighted to tell you how much we are enjoying them!


  1. These beautiful people live in my town, and have been parishioners at our church. They are as lovely in person as they portray in their music. In addition to the four that sing, there are four more little ones, plus two that they have fostered/adopted. Precious, precious people. I'm glad you showcased them!

  2. I will update the number of children they have now. They seem like a delightfully fun family!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Definitely music I'll have to order.

  4. Oooh, thanks for the introduction! We went to the website, and we're hooked! Off to get a CD....

  5. You have to meet them in person some time! We were lucky enough to meet them in MD last September at a local parish celebration. We first learned of L'Angelus from a Navy friend, and have been total fans ever since. Last year I gave their Christmas CD to everyone I could think of as a gift.

    They homeschool, too!

  6. Michelle,
    I never would have figured you for a fiddle lovin' girl! : )

    You have to meet them in person some time!

    We certainly hope to!

  7. Downloaded from amazon (with my b-day gift certificate!) the girls are dancing all over the living room. Thanks again, Charlotte!

  8. We love them too! We will be seeing them for Mardi Gras (for the second time) at a near by parish.
    Pax - Lena


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