Monday, September 28, 2009

Feast Days Comin' Up...

There are so many wonderful saints to celebrate this week and as much as I would love to dive into each and everyone of them, I have to be realistic. Do you hear that self? Be REALISTIC!!! So that means... choose the ones which mean the most to my kids and not the ones that look fun and interesting to me no matter how tempting and creative the ideas are and, most of all, keep it simple. But for those of you who aren't sick of the smell of curing drywall mud and aren't going cross-eyed looking at tile samples, here are your coloring page reminders for this week. For us, we will be taking it easy and living vicariously through all of you. So that means take lots of pictures and share them!!! I need to know that there is life out there that exists without a fine white layer of dust covering it.

September 29th:
St. Michael Coloring Page
St. Gabriel Coloring Page
St. Raphael Coloring Page

October 1st:
St. Therese as a child Coloring Page
St. Therese in habit Coloring Page

October 2nd:
Guardian Angel Coloring Page

October 4th:
St. Francis of Assisi Coloring Page



  1. I agree. Instead of doing so many treats and yummy things, we are keeping it basic and making simple things we would otherwise maybe make like lasagna and french toast. also it will probably be stoe bought cannolis for St. Francis and store bought angel food cake (better than mine anyhow) for Guardian Angels. have a good week.

  2. This is one of the few weeks that I actually get done most of the things I hope to do! I love this week. Thank you so much for your coloring pages!!! (but, umm, yeah, I do... always do... store-bought angel food cake.)

    Enjoy your celebrations (simple!) in-between slapping mud on walls!

  3. I'm a frequent lurker here but just can't keep lurking when I've used most of your coloring pages. Thank you so much for sharing your talent (and for free!) God bless you.

  4. Thank you for you coloring pages, Charlotte. It's an exciting week and it's hard to keep it simple, but we will!

  5. Thanks for the printables.

  6. What?! You mean there's more going on in the world than choosing tile??? lol- we've been knee deep in remodeling projects, too, and I'm right there with you! :)

    We're just focusing on St. Therese this year- I'm kind of sad to skip the other feast days, but simplicity is our theme for this year, so I'm just going to do one feast day each month-- I figure I'd rather do one feast day really well, than several half-heartedly.

    Blessings on your week, Charlotte!

  7. Robina,
    Store bought all the way! I have never even tried to make an angel food cake!

    "Slapping mud on walls"...that's Hubby's job! ;)

    Ana Maria,
    Thanks for delurking!

    Can't wait to see your beautiful food, I mean, celebrations!

    You're welcome!

    Thank you for commiserating. I know it could be worse, but I'm finding out that I am such a baby about having my own bathroom. I will have to say that my kid's bathroom has never been tidier since now I have to go in there on a daily basis!

    Blessings to you all!

  8. Charlotte:

    You are such a sweetheart! Hope the drywall cures soon...

  9. Thank you so much for the printables. I have given a copy to my son, his cousin and my parents who are being cared for because of dementia. My mother loves them and we look forward to the Feast of the Guarding angels as that would be their 62nd wedding anniversary! My parents are smiling watching the kids colour. (Canadian spelling ;) )

  10. Just found you yesterday and want to say "thank you so much" for the coloring pages. We are a homeschooling family and are on the road to becoming Catholic. Just finding out about Feast Days and celebrated our very first Michealmas today!! I posted a picture of our coloring pages and a link to your site. We look forward to learning more from you and coloring your wonderful pictures!

    Linton Cottage

  11. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these coloring pages! I am a kindergarten teacher at a catholic school and was looking to talk about a saint a week and color in a picture and the ones you have on here are PERFECT! I cannot thank you enough! I hope you don't mind that I use them for this purpose! :) Have a blessed day!

  12. JRH,

    My coloring pages are free for anyone to share freely! That includes CCD classes, school classes, co-op classes or friends. I hope your children enjoy coloring them and show them off proudly to their parents!

  13. I love your new look blog Charlotte. It's Gorgeous. Also thank you for your generously offering your artwork for us all. I'm madly copying the pictures that I don't already have for All Saints Day. I have a couple of families coming over and the children will enjoy colouring your pictures. God Bless C

  14. Thank you so much for the pages! I just found your post through Catholic Icing.

  15. Thank you so much for these beautiful coloring pages. Teaching VBC to 1st & 2nd graders @ St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church in Marrero,La. Will share them with the other teachers. Each year we come up with our own theme, activities, crafts, etc. This year is "Angles Amoung Us" with the lesson on the archangels tomorrow. And yes we have already had angel food cake for snack one day. Kathryn


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