Friday, October 2, 2009

C week

BigBoy was very snuffly the last half of this week and while not really sick, just not himself, we kept things simple...

C is for...
Cutting Carrots
(they were steamed to make them nice and soft)

Carrot Muffins with butterscotch C's

Candy Cane Cocoa

a Cloud experiment
We went to a Professor Weather demonstration a few weeks ago and he gave us the idea for this experiment. You place drops of water on a cotton ball cloud and count how many it takes before it "rains". Ours took 235!

Lots of cloud books, cotton ball cloud making and sticker activities that I didn't photograph but the best surprise C activity of all...

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
This was such a fun movie. The ending was a little too intense for BigBoy to enjoy, so we hung out in the back and just listened to the action. BTW... 3pm on a Tuesday... we had the place completely to ourselves! We had picked up this book from the library just for fun when we were getting ready for our Professor Weather demo so when the kids saw a billboard in town advertising the movie, we were excited. I heard from a friend who saw it first that it was decent with very little to no potty humor and wonderful messages about being yourself and saying "I love you", not to mention a little sprinkling of " it's cool to be smart". And Mr. T! Who doesn't love Mr. T? I pity the fool who doesn't love Mr. T! My kids were slightly disturbed by the grown man wearing a diaper who gets eaten by a roasted chicken, but when you see the movie, it all makes sense. Well, kind of.


  1. I pity the fool who doesn't love Mr. T! Ha!!

    This is one of my kids' go-to books. Maybe we'll be going to the movies this weekend. At 3 PM...

  2. How wonderful. You have so many neat ideas. You go girl!

    C is for creative

  3. Love your review, now I know it is ok to go. Great job with the letter C

  4. "Cloudy ..." has been one of our favorite books for a long time now, and we were all excited when we found out it was going to be a movie. But then it got the PG rating, and so I told the kids I'd have to look into WHY it is PG ... I'm glad you liked it, but it's also good to know there are "intense parts." Is there anything else in it that would make it PG?



    The premise of the movie doesn't really differ from the book, it just adds to the story. The town is on an island and it's main industry is sardines until the world discovers that "sardines are gross". Then the economy dries up and nobody can afford anything to eat other than sardines. Flint, the science guy, has all of these crazy ideas, but one of them backfires and suddenly works. The machine turns water into food. It gets accidentally launched into the atmosphere and then slowly mutates out of control.

    Everything that I read says that it is rated PG for "brief mild language". I think what they are referring to is the fact that the science kids are looked at as and called names like weirdo, freak, geek, etc... but the whole point of the movie is to be yourself and be comfortable with who you are.

    There was one scene at the very beginning where a whole class of kids is making fun of the main character. After that, the main character grows up to try to prove that he is someone special. You can see where it's going, I'm sure.

    There is another scene where the pretty weather intern remembers being made fun of because she loved weather science and so decided to try to fit in after that. She often says super smart stuff and then will try to cover it by saying, "I's shiny!"

    I thought it had good lessons about being yourself and good communication with those you love. Home schooled kids might not get the whole "you're weird" caste system thing, but then again, they might.

    You can read about it in detail over at Screen It but just to let you know, those guys are super scrupulous! If anything bothers you, just shoot me an email and I will try to explain it in the context of the movie.

  6. We really enjoyed that movie as well... probably more than our kids :-).

  7. Charlotte, Thank you SO much for your explanation of the movie. I really appreciate it!! I will check out that Web site review and let you know if I have any more questions. God bless you!


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