Friday, October 16, 2009

D & E Week

The bathroom is coming along at a fast pace as we hope to have it finished up by next week but that means that our school days have been cut down to a bare minimum. Since I was painting most of last week, we decided to postpone D week and combine it with E week this week. And what better way to kick it off than by making...

Deviled Eggs!



Mashing and Squeezing

(While BigBoy didn't care to eat any, he was delighted that everyone else had his creations for lunch!)

Easy Pretzel Dots

wait... you don't have a mound of dirt in your bathroom? OK... how about...

Excavating Dinosaurs
This was fun for everyone. The big kids would bury the bones and BigBoy would dig them up. My biggest big boy enjoyed it, too!

Dying Eggs

I surprised him with mystery letters (Dd & Ee) written in white crayon. Didn't show up so good in the picture, hence the black marker.
and Eye Dropper Art
(lots of
drips and drops)

We also read about dinosaurs and digging and learned about earthquakes and the Earth's crust. Here's hoping that next week F is for FINISHED!!!


  1. What creative ways to combine both D & E week!!!

    And goodness, BigBoy is SUCH a cutie!!! His smile just melts your heart!!

  2. The Pretzel Dots look yummy. More details please?

  3. Nicole,

    They really are super simple. Place pretzels on parchment paper on cookie sheet. Place kisses on top. Heat in 200 degree oven 5-8 minutes. (FYI: White chocolate melts faster than milk.) Pull them out and push M&M into the middle. Let them firm up before removing from pan. A few minutes in the fridge helps them firm faster.

    I should warn you how incredibly addictive they are!

  4. Fun!
    I am impressed with your abilities!
    I will put your blog on my blogroll -- I love your coloring pages! They are so tasteful :)

  5. Thanks! I see a holiday platter in my future. :)

  6. Dear Charlotte,
    How happy he looks, but them you had food and digging and dinos, what more can a boy ask for.
    Very creative.
    God Bless

    If you have time I have tagged you for the 8 Question meme. It is very quick to do.

  7. What fun D and E activities!! I really like those pretzel dots...might have to try those one day!

  8. Now I'm craving deviled eggs. Just wanted to let you know how talented you are. Your coloring pages are awesome. My son is always asking, when are we going to color another page. He is the artistic one in the family. I also wanted to let you know that, you should change on Father Damien's page from Blessed to Saint.


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