Thursday, October 15, 2009

St. Margaret Mary Coloring Page

"Look at this Heart which has loved men so much, and yet men do not want to love Me in return. Through you My divine Heart wishes to spread its love everywhere on earth."
~from Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque's vision of Jesus
My mom once told me that she remembers her mom reading to them every morning from the Lives of the Saints. When St. Margaret Mary Alacoque's feast day rolled around my mom was always doubly excited as she was wished a happy nameday and knew that her birthday was less than a week away. So, "Happy Nameday, Mom", tomorrow that is (and any other Margaret Marys out there ; )!

Saint Margaret Mary Coloring Page

And don't forget about St. Teresa of Avila today!


  1. She is my patron saint for 2010
    Happy Birthday to your mom


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