Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Join me in the bathroom?

We women always go in groups anyway, right? Or at least that's what They say. Personally, I have never been a pack potty person. Anyway... here is the big reveal even though it's not 100% done. Just a little reminder of the before:

And now...
(please forgive the lighting and my camera... both were acting up!)

See that big piece of metal that runs top to bottom on top of the half wall on the door side of the shower? Yeah. That's not supposed to be there and will be fixed this week if they don't break the replacement piece of glass...again.

Husband's sink that finally stopped leaking after 12,000 tries by 4 different big, strong men.

And now I feel like y'all know way too much about our grooming preferences. Awkward.

My favorite space is right here...
I'm not much of a bath person, but I love the way this little space came together. We used a smaller tub so that we could make the shower a little bigger. I've always been conflicted about what to hang on the wall over there. A picture I have to climb into the tub to dust? Another mirror so I can see all the grey hairs on the back of my head? I found myself drawn to the pictures of bathrooms that had pretty white sheer curtains covering a window. Well, we don't have a window, but that doesn't mean we can't give the illusion of one!

And the candle chandelier was a happy accident. We had an extra outlet in that area once we ripped out the jetted tub and we thought we would hang a small chandelier there but found out that it's against safety codes. Something about live electrical wires a reachable distance from a tub full of water, blah, blah, blah. : ) So I found this candle chandelier for 10 bucks and thought "it's perfect"! No electricity and if a candle falls into the tub, hey...self extinguishing!


  1. Your bathroom looks great. :-) Now can I borrow your husband? LOL We have a REALLY PINK 50's bathroom that needs a total redo and it always takes us *years* to complete anything we start.

  2. I love the tub and the chandelier--very pretty!

  3. Angel,

    We used to have one of those really pink bathrooms in our first house. A trick I learned is that if you paint the walls a beige/light brown color, it mutes the pink! More rose, less Pepto-Bismol. My daughter, Sunshine, lover of all things pink, would be delighted to have that bathroom again!

  4. Oooh, love, love love it. Especially the sweet little tub! Congrats on a job well done, you guys!

  5. It looks lovely!!! Great job!

  6. Beautiful! I can't wait to do my own one day. We're tub-less in the master, and I'd sure love a gorgeous clawfoot like that!

  7. That's absolutely gorgeous!! You guys are amazingly talented!

  8. It looks wonderful!! I bet you are so happy to have it completed!

  9. Just beautiful! I love your tub!

  10. It's gorgeous Charlotte!! I don't know how I missed this post - I was waiting for it. :) Beautiful job. What a peaceful setting, just perfect for a place to "get away" once in a while!


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