Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Science of Curling

The Professor is really disappointed that NBC hasn't been showing any curling competitions in their evening broadcasts. He complained, "I've been waiting 4 years to see this!" So, to console him, we've been watching some of the curling videos on the NBC Olympics website. This one on the Science of Curling really helped clear up some unexplained points of the sport. In fact, there is a whole Science of the Games section here. We've been enjoying those short little science clips during lunch time.

The one called, Curling House of Horrors is really funny...not scary at all unless you count the clown pants on the Norwegian team! Oh and we liked this one too. People making faces and yelling funny things...what's not to love?


  1. Yeah, well it's on all day on one of the NBC cable networks. Ask me how I know. There (apparently) is no limit to how many hours of curling my husband can watch. I didn't not know this when I married him.

  2. We've been watching it on MSNBC... and still CANNOT, for the LIFE of us, figure out the strategy. Guess I better visit those websites you listed!

  3. We were watching it on CNBC the other day. My brother was explaining the whole thing to our family at my mom's house. We were looking at him in amazement; who knew someone actually knew the rules.

  4. Jennifer,
    I think most love of curling is something that people keep hidden!:)

    Those videos really did help clear up the main idea of the sport.

    How funny! My oldest is really trying hard to learn all he can about it. It's the only time I've felt bad about not having cable or satellite. You can't really watch the Olympics on DVD later.

  5. we enjoyed reading this and watching the video! It really does help when someone explains it..


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