Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where have I been?

Oh, here and there! You're jealous... aren't cha? ; )

We had a lovely visit with some sweet friends and I don't have one picture to show for it because I was too busy enjoying the company! Bad blogger, I know.

Regular blogging will resume shortly. Right now, I have an unexpected house guest. Yes, Sue... that's what I get for opening my big mouth!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. We had so much fun! The time just flew.

  2. LOL... did I say something about a big mouth? Me?

    Thanks so much for coming down. I hope our little knitter is still practicing!

  3. Oh no, Sue... I had to go opening my mouth about surprise guests and then got a call on my way home announcing my Dad's arrival! Grrr argh!!!

    She is still practicing and is anxious to start on another project too! She is a knitting fiend!

  4. Oh we had so much fun! .. you can take a picture of your new needle and thread adventure... and maybe down the road we could make an update!


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