Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby Nicknames

I promise this blog is not going to turn in to an all baby blog, but someone was curious about our other baby nicknames so I thought I would share them.

The Professor was called "Oscar" before he was born. I'm not sure why that was, but he turned out to be our grouchiest baby by far, so never again!! Sunshine was "X-Man". That was courtesy of Husband's youngest brother who referred to all babies as X-Man in his nightly prayers. Since she turned out to be a girl, we decided to change it to "Baby X" when I was pregnant with Shortcake so as not to cause confusion for the older two. And then BigBoy was called "Peanut" which I think, was the same name as Shortcake's favorite dolly. No other reason.

So there you go, friends... I'd love to know...what do you call a baby before you know his/her name?


  1. Dh calls them George/Georgette interchangeably.

  2. The first one was junior or something like that. The other 2 were B squared or B2, short for Baby B____ (our last name).

  3. Our oldest, we called Dax. We had been watching too much Star Trek Deep Space 9 at the time and the alien with a symbiotic creature inside seemed appropriate. The next two kids had relatively interesting nicknames that I have now forgotten and for the last three we've stuck with Adams 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0.

  4. Just "baby." But we had names picked out pretty quickly for all of them and so as soon as we knew boy or girl they had names.

  5. Jordana,
    That is too funny! If my husband was a Star Trek man, I might have tried to sway him that way.

  6. We generally don't finalize the baby's first name (or at least we don't tell anyone) until he/she is born. However, we do select a family or saint name for the middle name.

    We call the baby by his middle name. We love it because the kids start to form an intimate bond with their new sibling.

    “Baby Lorenzo," that's the definite middle name of our new blessing due in May.

    Pax Christi - Lena

  7. My cousin and his wife called their first child 'The Alien'.

  8. Sweet Pea or Belly Bean or just Baby!!!

    So happy for you.
    GOd bless,
    Mary @ Cheerios

  9. We've never found out the sex of the baby, so as soon as we have our girl name picked out (we have 6 daughters and have had a boy name picked out for 11+ years!), we take the initials and make an acronym. So, Naomi was NOP in utero (Naomi OR Paul). Joanna was POJ (Paul Or Joanna). It's been a fun tradition and we recently found out we're looking for a new girl name, too!

    Congrats on your pregnancy. I'm a first time commenter and enjoy your blog a lot!

  10. I guess we have always felt compelled to pick a non specific nickname because I am not comfortable in finalizing baby's real name until I see them in person. I don't know why. I've been pretty sure with all of them going into delivery, I guess I just want to hold onto that option to change my mind just in case. With our youngest, it was very important to me to know that he wasn't born with red hair before confirming the name we had chosen (a possibility given my husband's 3 red headed sisters) The name we picked would have seemed like a cruel joke for a little boy with red hair.

  11. We never have found out what our babies are, so the nicknames stick around even after they are born. Our first we called Hummer, because when we saw the first ultrasound (8 weeks or so) it seemed like he was humming around in there. After he was born we still slipped and called him Hummer and it was hard to get used to his real name. Our second pregnancy we called the baby New, from one of my sons books "Do you know new?" I still think of that baby as New and after we lost him/her, we named the baby Noel which is kind of close. We didn't give our daughter a nickname, which I kind of regret, but I was feeling a little...I don't know...after our miscarriage. With our next (God willing) there will definitly be a nickname. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that. ;-)

  12. Well, our kids took to calling each baby in utero "Bohumpus" because they thought it was hysterically funny.

    But, we do find out the sex of the baby as soon as possible, so after that the baby is known by his true name. It helps us all to bond with him long before we ever meet him!


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