Saturday, April 17, 2010

Good Shepherd's Garden Party ~ Week 2

This week's menu plans weren't quite enough for a dinner meal, so we had our party as lunch today before heading out the door to confession. Because of our plans, I needed to simplify. Jessica and I both agree that our menu plans are not carved in stone and everyone should feel free to simplify as they need to! Think of them as examples or just suggestions.

Also, someone made the comment that our plans might not be the most healthy of menus. Jessica and I prefer to think of them as party menus. We are trying to celebrate the 50 days of Easter and while every day can't be a party day, we can certainly let some rules of good nutrition slip for one meal. Also, not everyone has to partake of every item. In some cases, these menus can be used for a meal as they are and others might need some alteration. For example, I added cheese and nuts to this week's menu for some extra protein.

So, instead of the beautiful Lamb of God bread, I made some easy 5 minute artisan bread, set out the honey bottle and sliced some fruit. The kids were most looking forward to the ice cream sundaes and I was most looking forward to getting rid of the lingering Easter candy! The girls decorated everyone's chairs with crepe paper streamers and we all sat down to a delightful luncheon party! (Do you see the dancing boy and puppy in the background?)

~ we decided after reading the meditation for the fruit sticker to just serve strawberries instead of a fruit salad

~ Husband put this together for me and I added the swizzle sticks and grapes. Huge hit with the kids!
Sweet trimmings for some ice cream sundaes made with the only ice cream any self respecting Texan will eat (kidding!). Sundaes would be a great way to kick off celebrating Good Shepherd Sunday tomorrow (if you follow the Tridentine calendar) or next week (if you follow the Novus Ordo calendar) even if you aren't hosting a Garden Party of your own!

Can't wait to see everyone's parties over at Catholic Cuisine on Monday!


  1. Blue Bell ice cream AND Dr Pepper topping?

    You are a true Texan indeed!

  2. OK, yes, I am a true Texan, but THAT choice was entirely up to my kids! Just the thought right now makes me gag a little but they loved it! :)

  3. I just posted our Easter Celebration - Week 2 here.

    Your Dr. Pepper ice cream topper looks yummy. I was going to try it last week when my Little Flowers celebrated with sundaes.

    Thanks again for sharing your gifts. This may be my last celebration since I'm running low on energy at 9 mos. preg.

    I'm sure my eldest daughter will take the reigns. Praise be to God!

    Pax Christi - Lena

  4. We will host our party tomorrow, as today just didn't work ... Yours looks great!! I like your Alleluia candle and little lamb =) Oh, and I've never seen Dr. Pepper and root beer ice cream toppers. Is it a southern thing? Sounds so yummy!

  5. Thank you SO much for all you do to share these wonderful ideas with the rest of us! I just adore your posts, and they help me simplify SO much! And, while this Texan CAN get BlueBell here in Florida, it's around $7.50, which makes it quite a rare treat. Sigh!

  6. Everything looks great!

    I thought of you and smiled when I was at the store this morning picking up some waffle bowls for our party and saw the Root Beer and Dr. Pepper toppings! They actually look pretty good!

  7. Yummy! I really like the heart-shaped bowl for the strawberries.

    It's a garden party, of course the menu isn't going to impress a dietitian. It's once a week, lighten up people! :)

  8. Kelly,
    We have three of those heart shaped bowls. They are probably the wedding gifts that we have used the most over the past 13 years!

  9. Thank you for sharing all your awesome ideas.

  10. I have love, love, loved this, Charlotte. Wasn't on the ball enough to do it this year, but have it bookmarked to try next year. Thanks, as always, for sharing. &:o) (And, also for sharing the existence of Dr. Pepper icecream topping -- tho I don't know if that's a good thing or not....)

  11. My Husband would love to live in your house. He loves Dr. Pepper with and in almost anything. I can't really go there. But his dad is from Texas...


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