Sunday, April 18, 2010

Recipe Blegs

I'm looking for a couple of recipes and would like some that are tried and true so I'm turning to you sweet friends! First, I need a basic pinto bean recipe that can be cooked in the crockpot. By basic, I mean, no jalapenos or other peppers and no meat like ham or bacon. Onions or Mexican spices are fine.

Also, a homemade ginger snap cookie that is more crunchy than chewy, although chewy would be fine too if it is a very spicy ginger cookie.

This has nothing to do with being pregnant. Well, OK... maybe a little. : ) I don't know that I would call them cravings, just a very definite, although sometimes changeable, limit to what kinds of food I can tolerate the thought of without turning green. High protein foods, like beans, seem to help a lot and I know that ginger is a natural remedy that I've tried before. I just don't think I could choke down a giant ginger horse pill right now or live through the after taste either.

Thank you!


  1. Sorry, but I don't have a pinto bean recipe, but we really love this "Big, Soft Ginger Cookie" recipe from All Recipes.

  2. Speaking of ginger...when I was pregnant with my third little blessing, I enjoyed Reed's Ginger Beer. Not beer of course, but natural ginger ale. So good, very strong though and they have different flavors such as raspberry.

  3. I tried the ginger beer when I was at that queasy phase, but it was too strong for my tastes. I found some ginger ales were better, but make sure they are actually made with ginger.

    I have made it past the nausea and am now into fighting the urge to eat EVERYTHING!

  4. This is our family's favorite pinto bean recipes. I shared it during the Nativity Fast last winter. It is from the Los Barrios cookbook (San Antonio). You can cook in the crock pot or the stove top.

  5. I actually found that ginger didn't help me at all. But I lived off of peppermint Altoids and organic peppermint tea!

  6. I have a gingersnap recipe on my blog. It's my oldest son's favorite.

  7. Barb,
    I actually checked your blog first before I posted this. That recipe didn't come up! Thanks for the address so I could find it!

  8. About to send you my M-I-L's ginger snap recipe....
    She's as snappy as they come.

  9. Hey Charlotte,

    My pinto bean recipe:

    The night before I cook them, I soak them in water with lemon juice added. Doing this washes out the color of the bean but makes for a nice soft texture (incidentally, it makes the bean much easier to digest) I promise you will not taste the lemon because you will rinse the beans before cooking. I eyeball everything for this. I usually use a large onion and about 4-7 cloves of garlic and 1 green bell pepper which adds flavor but not spice. I saute all of the above in olive oil since you're not into meats. Add the beans and cover with water. Skim the foam once it starts to boil. I'll add about a 1tbs of sea salt (less if iodized) once I turn the burner down. Then when the beans are at a nice simmer, I'll throw in a handful or two of canned, roasted diced tomatoes that I've squeezed the juice out of before adding to the pot. Finally, I'll grab a fistful of fresh cilantro to the pot which is a very common practice down where I live. I usually add the meat and peppers as well but I've done it without and it was still good.

  10. It's late and I need to get to bed, but I just wanted to mention that I always suck on Certs (blue or green) during the queasy months. I don't know why it helps, but it does. Also, cottage cheese was my go to protein food at 10am with my last pregnancy. It got so that my kids would watch the clock and run it over to me when the clock struck 10.

    When making ginger cookies I put my in a very large glass pan and bake as bars. It saves time and energy.

  11. These Crinkled Molasses Cookies are ginger-y. I don't know if they'd help calm a tummy, but I almost wish I had such an excuse to TRY. I LOVE this recipe. And isn't molasses supposed to be good for you...?


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