Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Good Shepherd's Garden Party ~ Week 5

The Gardener 
Plants Paradise

This Week’s Good Shepherd’s 
Garden Party Menu

Maple Leaf Cookies
Lemon Creme Flower Cookies
Fresh Fruit
Owl Cupcakes
Olives and/or Rosemary Olive Oil Crackers
Palm Tree Pick in Cheese Cubes
Lily Sandwiches

Decorating Ideas
Roses, Lilies, and/or other flowers
Palm Tree decorations like napkins or plates, etc...

By Jessica at Shower of Roses and Charlotte at Waltzing Matilda

Recipes and Suggestions
*Please feel free to modify and be creative with these plans to suit your family!

29. The Tree of Life's Leaves   Revelation 22: 1-5

Maple Leaf Cookies

30. The Tree of Life's Flowers  Isaiah 55: 12-13

Lemon Creme Flowers

Jessica and I both were able to find these easily at our local stores. We thought they were a great way to keep the plans simple.

31. The Tree of Life's Fruit   Galatians 5: 22-2 

Serve a platter of fresh seasonal fruit!

32. The Owl   Psalm 102: 6-12 

These owl cupcakes are the one item from past years that my kids specifically requested this year!

33. The Olive Tree  Genesis 8: 6-11 

Serve a dish of olives and/or Rosemary Olive Oil crackers.

34. The Palm Tree   John 12:12-17
Initially we were going to suggest coconut milkshakes served in palm tree glasses, but to keep it simple, we opted for Palm Tree Picks in Cheese Cubes. These should be easy to find this time of year at your local party store, but if not, we also created a printable version as another option. Print them out on cardstock and glue or tape to toothpicks.

Palm Tree Picks in Cheese Cubes

35. The Roses and Lilies   Song of Songs 2: 1-7
An easy alternative to the following menu item would be a bouquet of roses and lilies for the table.

Lily Sandwiches
8 oz. cream cheese
2-3 TBSP milk
1/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp paprika
20 slices fresh white bread
green pepper or green onions


Combine cream cheese, milk, salt, and paprika. Beat with a mixer on medium speed until good and creamy. Remove crusts from bread. Roll into cornucopia shape by bringing two straight edges together and letting them overlap slightly. Hold the edges together with a little bit of the cheese mixture, pressing gently. Roll and chill the bread "lilies" before filling. After sandwiches are filled with the cream cheese mixture, insert a thin strip of carrot for a stamen. Cut bell pepper into leaf shapes and attach a leaf to each sandwich with additional cheese or stick a green onion, in the pinched end, as a stem. 

 Cream cheese on the left and peanut butter and banana on the right.

You can download and print all of these ideas and recipes with a shopping list here.

A Mr. Linky will be posted at Catholic Cuisine on May 10th, for anyone who would like to share the pictures from your own Good Shepherd’s Garden Party!


  1. I love the owls but I'm not sure I could bring myself to eat one - it's hard to eat something that's looking at you!

  2. My kids' solution... make them cross eyed! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing the recipe of Lily Sandwiches. it was nice going through it. Will give it a try today and see if it taste well.


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