Wednesday, May 26, 2010

St. Philip Neri Coloring Page

Saint Philip is known more than most saints for his cheerfulness and his sense of humor. Like the "holy fools" of the Orthodox Church, he often resorted to unconventional behavior, such as shaving off half of his beard, in order to make a point. Many were shocked by such behavior. In this icon he is shown with a small dog he filched from one of the cardinals in Rome. Arrogant young aristocrats who came to him for guidance often found themselves walking this little dog, thus learning a bit of humility and sense of proportion. He told jokes and appreciated laughter.  ~from

St. Philip Neri Coloring Page
Treasures Old and New: Traditional Prayers for Today's Catholics

And I can't say enough about this little book of prayers, Treasures Old and New: Traditional Prayers for Today's Catholics, written by Fr. Philip Neri Powell, O.P.. If you love litanies and novenas or if you are looking for a new devotion to spark your prayer time, you just might find it in these pages.

“Let me get through today and I shall not fear tomorrow.”~ St. Philip Neri

Good St. Philip, joyous saint and patron of the Army Special Forces, send down a team of heavenly forces to give us the strength to be joyful even in sorrow.
St. Philip Neri, pray for us!


  1. Charlotte -- I love this story about the dog! And I'd forgotten about his shaving only HALF his beard. What a wonderful man he must have been ... when I was hunting a quote to put on my "prayer card" for the blog I found so many times where he basically said "don't worry, be happy" (altho probably not with Bobby McFerrin's accent ... but most assuredly just as joyfilled!)

  2. I love your site! Always cheerful & full of fun things to see & do! Because of this, I wanted to share a pretty award with you!
    You can see the details here:
    God bless & keep you!

  3. Thanks for the book recommendation! Just added it to my wish list:)


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