Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Playmobil Birthday

We've been counting down to this celebration all month with a very special themed countdown!

This year, BigBoy had some very specific things he wanted to do out of the house so our at home celebration was very simple and the pictures minimal. Husband and I built our version of the Playmobil Fun Park on the dining nook wall.

Complete with working drawbridge!

He really wanted to meet Daddy for lunch. He is 6 years old now. It's time for him to start thinking about business lunches, you know! There is also a hobby shop in town that he wanted to go visit and a pool that desperately needed splashing!

BigBoy decided a while ago that he wanted the same cake as The Professor (because when you are 6 years old, there is nothing cooler than your 12 year old brother) except without the peppermint. Huh? A lethal peppermint cake with peppermint ganache frosting without the peppermint? Well, he meant he didn't want the crunchy peppermint sticks inside the filling, so we decided to use Andes Creme de Menthe baking pieces instead. Let me just say... awesome! And he told me exactly how it should be decorated. Two of his favorite Playmobil figures holding a banner. Done.

Now I'm going to bed.

We love you BigBoy and are so proud of the great big boy you are becoming!


  1. Even your "simple" cakes are elegant, Charlotte. That one is both fun and lovely.

    Happy Birthday to BigBoy and Sunshine!

  2. Oh, that cake sounds divine!! Yum!!! And your drawbridge is SO cool!

    Happy Birthday BigBoy!!!!

  3. Very cool decorations! Isn't it amazing how particular they get when they turn 6?!? :) That cake sound super yummy.

  4. That looks so good I'm ready to drive cross country to your house. So sweet that he wanted to eat lunch with his dad. Happy Birthday!!

  5. I LOVE how they LOVE individual time with their daddies. For our girls, they are referred to as Daddy-Daughter dates. Love 'em.

  6. Happy Birthday, BigBoy!!!!

  7. I am seriously impressed. You throw awesome parties! I throw out some Wiggles table clothes and I think I have a party:D

    My daughter would love for me to be more like you. She loves parties (planning, setting up, bossing everyone around to stay on her itinerary:D )


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