Monday, May 24, 2010

A Secret Garden Birthday

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The paper umbrellas were on clearance at Hobby Lobby, my favorite craft store! They were $2 each and the girls have already been twirling them around the backyard. I know they might not last long, but they have had fun with them and offered a little splash of Indian flavor.

But now the ivy's grown up over the door so even I don't know where 'tis anymore...

Brown paper, crayon rubbing on a wood floor and black construction paper hinges.

Cannatha show me the key?

The robin is actually a white dove that I colored with chalk pastels. We chose an American Robin instead of a European Robin. The key is a place card stand that I took apart and buried in the greenery.

Little doodads I found in the dollar section helped fill in the atmosphere. A bird's nest gift box, lovebird salt and pepper shakers and a watering can that can be used as a mini planter. It came with seeds and coconut fiber.

This is the banner I made. I just printed these using a free font I found online and colored a little bit of it. If I hadn't spent so much time looking at fonts, I probably would have had time to color in more. I printed them on card stock and taped them to a sheer green ribbon.

Oatcakes and Cream

Really it's chocolate with whipped cream frosting. Isn't it gorgeous? It's called "Basket of Blossoms" and it just happened to match the colors in the birthday dress she chose. The down side is that the frosting stands up as tall, if not taller than the cake itself! Can you say "sugar shock"? And just a reminder, I did not make this!

Party favors ~ OK, it's just her sister and two brothers at the "party" but I like for them to feel included. Our local craft store had these little notebooks in their dollar section. I picked up two for the girls but figured the boys would want something more practical. So they got the mini tissue boxes. They can use them and toss later.

~A favorite gift~
I usually don't go into the presents that our kids receive, but this one was just too cute. Sunshine started a button collection last year. She has been hounding me for all the extra buttons from our shirts, skirts, pants, you name it! So I picked up some cute button packs and put them in a little tin for her. As you can see, it was a big hit!

Sunshine, you truly do light up our life and I hope you do know, dear, how much we love you! Happy Birthday, sweet girl!


  1. Wow! I am in awe of your themed birthdays. Your children are so blessed to have a creative mama to give them such a wonder-ful gift of creative play.

    I feel stretched by baking a cake and actually wrapping a few presents. Bella's presents actually weren't wrapped. They were given to her in the shipping boxes they were received in.

    The Secret Garden was one of my favorite books growing up. I love your interpretations.

  2. Oh, it's even more wonderful than I could have possibly imagined! Your children are so blessed. Great job, Mama! And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Sunshine!!!

  3. I just LOVE it. What a happy day.

  4. Happy, happy birthday, Sunshine!Another wonderful party by your mama! That cake is gorgeous, and all of your decorations as well! Such fun!

  5. Wow! Enough said.

    Except for a very happy birthday to Sunshine! :-)

  6. You did a great job putting that together. What a great theme and it all looked so awesome.

  7. Happy Birthday, Sunshine!!! We, in Central Texas, send our love.

  8. Happy Birthday from the Stirlings, Sunshine! It looks like you had a beautiful day :-)

  9. Beautiful! What a great party, happy birthday to your sunshine. I love the doorway, the key, the banner, everything actually. Great job mama!

  10. What a beautiful birthday party! Happy Birthday Sunshine!!

  11. Looks like so much fun!! Happy Birthday Sunshine! Love the Snows!

  12. Dear Charlotte,
    I have had this open for ages on my computer,just no time to comment.
    This is so clever I love your birthday ideas. We always love birthday's here and I get some really god ideas frm you. We don't always do a theme but I have printed all your old ones to add to our collection of ideas.
    Thank you for the inspiration.
    I am sure your little Sunshine had a wonderful day.
    God Bless

  13. The best part is the button collection! My kids love collections, and that is such a sweet idea! Thank you for sharing!!

  14. I loved Secret Garden when I was a girl! Ok, I still do! What a lovely idea!

  15. Happy Birthday to your Sunshine!!

    Now, she can play my favorite childhood game: Button, Button...Who's Got The Button?

    1. Hi Mary Kate! This is an old post that showed up new after I edited something on it. Her birthday is later this month, but she's turning 15, not 11 anymore. :(

    2. Ha! I realized that after I commented! My sentiments remain, though. Plus, your creativity and resourcefulness blow me away. :)


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