Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Brief Book Review

Someday My Prince Will Come: True Adventures of a Wannabe PrincessSomeday My Prince Will Come: True Adventures of a Wannabe Princess by Jerramy Fine

The author has a more liberal leaning than I care for but takes the opportunity to dig at conservatives only occasionally. Even though she includes some adult situations (nothing explicit) her writing style is humorous and she does have a way of drawing you into her story although the mystery was partly to find out if she was serious or certifiable. Some of her descriptions of life with hippie parents and then later, life in a snobbish aristocratic subset made me laugh out loud. Any woman who remembers watching The Royal Wedding and dreaming of a meringue like wedding dress through little girl eyes would probably enjoy this story. And even though I cringed over a few distasteful scenes, I thought the ending was rewarding.

I'd call it a popcorn read... it did it's job as poolside entertainment. It wasn't so deep that it distracted me from watching my little guy, who not unlike the author in her wilder days, enjoyed playing in the shallow end.


  1. I remember getting up way to early (asking Mom to wake me) and thinking that the bride really looked like a princess...and dare I say it?...the groom looked like such an old toad! I sure didn't want my prince charming to look like that! LOL

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