Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pantry Annex

Remember my laundry room? Well, this post is all about the other side of that room, where the pantry is. There is a theory that modern houses aren't built to really be lived in and my pantry is proof of that. Our home was built in the late 80's and one of the things that I have been finding difficult to deal with is the tiny pantry, especially as my oldest's appetite continues to grow, desperately trying to keep up with his legs. This is my pantry.

 This door is not a standard size door. It's only 18 inches wide.

The shelves inside, don't really come out as far as the support pieces underneath them do. I can't think of any reason for that other than builder oversight.

Auntie Leila's pretty pantry post got me thinking about mine. I have already emptied my bag of tricks trying to make better use of the space that is there. That shelf up top holds those little things that I use mostly for cake decorating purposes and don't need daily access to.
 BTW... this picture was taken post-reorganization which is partly why the shelves aren't very crowded.

I have been considering replacing the shelves with deeper ones eventually, but had settled on the idea to add an over the door pantry rack in the meantime. But remember how narrow that door was? Most of those racks, even the narrow ones, stick out about 5 inches, and since that door only opens 90 degrees instead of 180 because of the wall next to it, I couldn't see losing that much space in what is already a narrow opening. So we picked up a couple of these from my all time favorite organize it store and mounted them to the wall behind the laundry room door. 

The door can still open just as wide as it did before.
And now you know what kind of beans and pasta we like best. OK. Moving on...

I love the way it feels. Like I've added more storage space without taking any discernible space away. Organizing WIN! I can now see what I have in my pantry with relative ease and know what I am lacking when it comes to making a grocery list. But the best part of being able to see what's in your pantry (or hanging on the wall next to it) is finding you have all the ingredients for an unexpected treat! No bake cookie bars... a summer time necessity!
 I didn't drop these into cookies as the recipe states, but rather made them as bars. They were a bit sticky but the kids didn't mind one bit!



  1. Wow. 18 inches is crazy!

    I think that TX builders must have some reason other than oversight. Every closet in my house has longer supports than shelves. (ours was built in '94)

    I don't have a pantry (as in a set apart place to store food/goods.) I have double door cabinets that are about 8 ft tall right in the kitchen. It's very roomy, but a real pantry would be so, so nice. I keep a lot of things in a free-standing cabinet in the garage (but only those things not susceptible to heat or bugs.) Maybe one of your wall things could come in handy for me as well... hmmmm. Thanks for sharing your solution.

  2. Boy, my pantry needs an overhaul, too! I'm thinking I might have some treats hiding out among the pasta boxes as well. ;-)

    Wouldn't you love to have Leila's pantry?

  3. I love an organization post. I ahve one I have been working on, if I ever get around to finishing it. can't wait to try those bars.

  4. Any pantry at all is a nice feature, but I can see how that one would be hard to work with. However, our last house, built in the 19-teens had no pantry at all. When we were renovating our current house, I insisted on a pantry, but I still haven't worked out how best to organize it (and we still haven't managed to put a door on it either.

  5. My FIL built our house 6 years ago, and every closet shelf is built like that. Aargh!

  6. Ah, a pantry. I'd take even a tiny one :) Your modifications are clever and resourceful--though I'd take that pantry in a heartbeat!

  7. My house was not meant to be lived in, either. I do have a glorious 2 door pantry with shelves even wider than the doors! But my hall closet (4 BR house!) has the 18" door! What's up with that?

  8. Mmmm we make a version of those bars with rolled oats instead of graham crackers.

    Brilliant pantry organization. Mine needs a bunch of TLC but I'm organizationally challenged.

  9. Those cookie bars look so good. I always made mine with oats instead of graham crackers, but goodness, that sounds sooooooo good!

  10. What an inspiration to attack our pantry. Your added space in the laundry looks great. And we like those beans and pasta too!


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