Friday, June 18, 2010

Go away!

But do come and play another day!

Go check out Colleen's amazing new endeavor, Distant Shores. What an opportunity for those of us here at home to support other members of the Church Militant as they carry the Faith to distant shores.

Go see Jessica and Marci's beautiful fiddleback vestments for their own Fr. Dowlings.

Go wish Melanie congratulations on figuring out why big boy Ben has been on and off a nursing strike (it's good news, I'll bet you can guess)!

Go watch the new Narnia movie trailer and then tell Lissa that it's gonna be alright! : )

Go get inspired by Barb's month of menu plans. Just the thing this bored mommy chef was looking for!

Go look at Auntie Leila's lovely little creative space. Try not to drool on the keyboard!

Go ponder weighty matters involving temperance, prudence and technology over at Kate's place. (I couldn't link to this one first because you might not see the others!)

Go have a lovely Friday!


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