Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oooh, oooh, oooh...

Pick Dallas. Pick Dallas! Pleeeeeeeeeease, pick Dallas!  
(or somewhere close)

NEW YORK — The creators of the Broadway hit, "Stomp," take the concept to another level with their new show, "Pandemonium: The Lost and Found Orchestra."
Going beyond the rhythms "Stomp" created using everyday objects, "Pandemonium" expands the idea by recreating musical instruments. The chaotic tones of glass bottles, whirly toys, musical saws and other objects recreate a complex symphonic and choral sound....

..."Pandemonium" will begin a North American tour Sept. 26 in Miami. The show will make stops in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Hartford, Conn., Boston, Toronto, Chicago, and San Francisco, among other cities.

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  1. Very cool! Looks like they will be bringing the show to St. Paul next March. It would be cool to go. Thanks for the head's up!


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