Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blue Queen Punch

Since this is what our day looks like:

This is what our feast day treat looked like:

Super easy! Lemon-lime soda with some doctoring and a couple of drops of blue for color with sugar sprinkles decorating the glass.

That's all I can handle in this heat. If it doesn't contain ice or come from the freezer, who wants it? Ugh!

Actually, the credit for this idea came from my girls who found it in their favorite Barbara Beery recipe book. It's called Snow Queen Punch and they thought it would be the perfect dinner time treat to honor our Queen! (I love this age!)


  1. This looks De-Lish!!!

    I second your thoughts. (Bacon for blt's on the grill tonight.)

    Is this heat going to let up anytime soon? I know we are in the south, but darn! It has been relentless.

  2. what a refershing idea. glad you enjoyed the day.


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