Monday, August 16, 2010

Your help is prayerfully requested...

Haley and Baby Brayley need our help.

This brave young mother who has received a heart-breaking prenatal diagnosis needs help. Medical bills, funeral costs, and the cost of starting life over again once her head finally buoys above the inevitable waves of grief to come are too much for her modest job as a daycare attendant.

First, she needs to know that she is not alone and that the courageous decision she has made to let her child live as long as God intends is brave and inspiring. She needs to know that the Christian family she has so recently embraced is here to support her during this time of feeling so isolated. If you can offer any financial assistance for medical bills/funeral costs, it would be appreciated; whatever your family can afford to give. Remember that even a little bit can help. If a PayPal donation won't work for you, please contact me at the address in my sidebar.

If you cannot give financially, please know that your gifts of prayer are strengthening her and encouraging her as she struggles through these final weeks before delivery. Please feel free to link to this post to help spread the word. Thank you so much for your prayers and support for this *stranger in need.

*Because I know the internet can be a strange place where deception, unfortunately, sometimes resides, I just want to assure you that Haley is a real person in my local area who is planning her daughter's funeral at our local parish with a wonderful priest we know personally. She is the goddaughter of a friend I see every week and I have had the privilege of seeing the sonogram pictures of the sweet-faced little girl she carries inside her.


  1. Oh this is so heartbreaking. I will visit her site, and make a donation - thank you for putting the PayPal button up.

  2. Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to support her through action and prayer! God will bless her for taking on this suffering for her child.

    Also, if she is Catholic, she should contact a local Catholic cemetery to inquire about free infant burial. The Catholic Cemeteries in my area donate the plot and a small headstone to families who have lost a baby, even during pregnancy. When I miscarried last year, we were able to honor our precious 2-inch baby this way. A local funeral home donated a burial box and met us at the cemetery, too, and a priest at our parish said Mass for our child and also came with us to the cemetery. There are many in this culture who think this is excessive for such a small child, but Christians know better. I thank God that the Catholic organizations in my area walk the talk.

  3. Dear Hayley:

    What a special gift God has given to you, in your precious little baby. He chose you to be Momma to this little one. Stand strong, lean on Him often!

  4. Thank you, Melody,

    Haley is a new convert to Catholicism. She is the only one in her family who is Catholic. I know that she has looked into different options but so far, no one has offered to donate a plot. What a wonderful pro-life ministry you have in your area!

  5. Saying prayers. May she sees God's grace in the generosity of strangers.

  6. I will say many prayers for this courageous mother. She is truly an inspiration.

  7. Praying and sending a little something to hopefully help. God bless her!


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