Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Hobbit Day!

Bilbo and Frodo happened to have the same birthday, September 22. 'You had better come and live here, Frodo my lad,' said Bilbo one day; 'and then we can celebrate our birthday-parties comfortably together.' At that time, Frodo was still in his tweens, as the hobbits called the irresponsible twenties between childhood and coming of age at thirty-three.
                                                                                              ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

I only have time for links, no pics. Sorry. My camera seems to be collecting dust more than images these days. Today is celebrated as Hobbit Day and since The Professor is finishing up a study of The Fellowship of the Ring for literature, we decided to have some fun. And don't worry about those sticklers for Tolkien time. The books says September 22, so September 22 it is!

First, get yourself a hobbit name. There are lots of places online that will oblige, we used this place.

Then, of course, we had to look up our names in elvish. The boys had to use their middle names but us girls were on the list. Or, you can write your own name using the Elvish alphabet. That looks like it might take some brain power. Best attempted after your morning Cup A Joe.

Then, there is the food. Isn't that what Hobbit's love best. My sweet Shortcake already asked, as she looked at the pile of welcoming scones on the table, "Does this mean we get TWO breakfasts!?" I am going to just wing it today with the food, but if you need some inspiration, here's a good place to go.

Happy Hobbit Day!

With warm regards,
Brwlonna Proudfoot of Fair Downs 

HT: Nicole for the Elvish links (which are so cool!) I think I want to change my name to Elvish. Anybody know the word for "waltzing"?


  1. Oh, thanks! We love the hobbits, having just re-watched the trilogy of movies. I can't manage to get anyone to finish the books, though. We're just going to have to turn this school day, which isn't going anywhere, into a hobbit day.

  2. Oh, oh, oh!!!! Thanks!! I think we might just have to celebrate "Hobbit Day" as well! And what a perfect excuse to bake another batch of scones in that new oven of ours!

  3. We are doing Hobbit stuff today too! I think you have many of the links that I put up on my blog for today. We're in the middle of baking seed cakes so I'll have to check later. (First day of fall--we just finished making your jello leaves. :-) )

  4. Thank you for the reminder, Nicole. I had forgotten where I saw the Elvish links when I added them to my post this morning. Oh, and I have that nature journal book requested from the library. It looks amazing! Hope your Jell-O leaves turned out pretty!

  5. Dear Charlotte,
    We had our Day yesterday for the second yuear in a row.
    The kids love it. This year we went on a quest too which was lots of fun.
    Hoping to have a post done soon.
    Don't you love th name generator.
    My hobbit name is Ysabrylla Bracegirdle, Princess of the Halflings.

  6. I wish I had seen this earlier. We just finished "The Hobbit" in audio for Max.

    Oh well...


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