Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Something Skinky in the Garden

We found this guy wandering around our flower beds. The kids wanted to keep it for a little while in an empty ladybug habitat. We had never seen a skink before so everyone was curious. Especially the puppy...

We call this one... Crouton and the Skink


  1. Just make sure to keep it in the jar. Eating one can make a cat deaf...

  2. We already let it go, but thanks for the warning, Kelly. While I don't mind indulging my children's desire to explore creepy crawly things, I am not very tolerant of keeping them in the house for long.

  3. Eek!! I had a HUGE skink break into my house once when I lived down near Houston. It was literally a foot long, not including tail. I was completely freaked out! My husband wasn't home and I had a crawling baby - talk about an adrenaline high getting that thing out!

  4. First of all, I'm totally laughing at Andrea's comment...not that it was funny at the moment, but the afterfact.

    The look on Crouton's face? Priceless! That would make a great picture on a gift card with some really cute and snappy saying.

  5. LOVE the picture of Crouton checking out that Skink!


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