Monday, September 20, 2010

Kitchen Madonna ~ revisited

Shortcake is reading The Kitchen Madonna right now so I am revisiting some of these posts. Also, I see that the kitchen angels mobile craft was linked to from Catholic Icing. That post didn't have links to the printables, so I added them.


  1. My mom had painted all of her daughters a beautiful kitchen madonna years and years ago. Sadly, (and somewhat embarrassed to admit), I never knew of a story behind it.

    I just added that book to my wishlist. It is a beautiful tradition that I intend to pass down to my children as well.

  2. Whoops! Thanks for adding the link! Sometimes I have trouble finding the right post, and I know you prefer not linking directly to the pdf. Which I can't blame you- I'm having trouble and have to keep moving my pdf's too. So frustrating! :-)


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