Saturday, December 18, 2010

7 Quick Takes...

So, these are supposed to be totally random, huh? Guess I missed that. I'm not sure I can be random, but I'll try.

My husband and I have peculiar senses of humor as evidenced by all of the quirky TV shows we like that end up being canceled early! And the TV execs out there wonder why people like us don't watch TV? It seems like we just find a show we like and it gets the ax, so now, we just wait for the Netflix version so we can enjoy the shows whenever we like... up until the point that there aren't anymore! :(

Speaking of humor, or does that violate the rules of randomness, Husband was cracking up at Dave Barry's Guide to Holiday Gifts. We've actually seen the Flair Hair visor in person and in patriotic colors on the Fourth of July! I didn't know we were so close to coolness on that warm summer evening.

Now, the Rear Gear Pet Coverup was just weird. I don't want to be the one to clean that thing. The whole custom order thing is really strange. And what if someone decided to custom make one using a picture of their pet's rear? How exactly does it boost your pet's confidence to become the laughing stock of the dog park? I think Jenn needs to take a look at these things, especially in light of her whole Trucknutz post and figure out what we are going to do about them!

I think I'm done with all of my Christmas shopping. More of it was in-store this year rather than online. I put my foot down and refused to order anything that was being sold at 5 times the cost of the item in the stores. I just can't reward the kind of behavior that hoards children's toys and then tries to rake in the big bucks. Case in point... these little action figures. See the sticker in the corner that says, "Only at Wal-mart"? That's because these were only sold at Wal-mart for $5 each. Online... $15.99 which is down from the $22.97 they were earlier! Ridiculous!!!

I have only done a little bit of Christmas baking as of yet. We had an early Advent family Christmas party to attend so I made some biscotti and let the kids make pretzel dots. Mintylicious!

This week is all about cleaning out. The garage is on my "it" list right now since Husband has to help with that. Anyone else have this huge urge to purge right before the holidays?

Advent check-in: The nightly unwrapping and reading is probably the favorite of our Advent doings. I was thinking the other day that it seems like forever since I actually read picture books to my children. When your kids are early readers, they tend to grab the books out of your hands and go running off to their favorite corners to read them themselves. I really love this nightly little moment of curling up all together.
Happy Fourth Sunday of Advent!

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  1. I purged five good size boxes of stuff from our house about a week and a half ago. I still have two boxes of stuff to get rid of and have started a third. My goal it to declutter the entire house by Easter.


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