Saturday, December 18, 2010

O Adonai

Sunshine was the first to figure out that green gumdrops can be used to make a Christmas tree!

Poor St. Nick got stuck head down in the chimney of BigBoy's house.

Shortcake said this was a gumdrop car with a Rudolph nose and antlers on it. We've seen those a lot around here!

The Professor decorated his gingerbread castle complete with cannons and a coat of arms...

...and a sentry!


  1. Charlotte, Do you bake your own gingerbread for your houses? If so, do you do anything different to make it durable enough to construct with? I don't think my usual recipe would stand up to that. Not that I've tried. We've only ever made gingerbread men; but they tend to be rather soft.

  2. Love them all...espcially the "antler" car!

  3. Melanie,
    I baked my own gingerbread last year and it was definitely durable enough. I will see if I can find the recipe for you. This year, because we are expecting company in a few days, I opted for this Wilton kit that I found at the grocery store.


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