Saturday, January 22, 2011


...the life of our oldest one as we do every year. I will be back with more specifics of the celebration once we are at the day's end. In the meantime, I wanted to point you towards the touching poem that my SIL wrote for The Professor. The last stanza brought a lump to my throat and tear to my eye....

Yet pause one moment in the wood,
Before you take the greater way:
The old, you know, wish they had stood
In Lórien, just one more day.


  1. Happy Birthday to the Professor! I can't wait to hear all about his special day!

    Thanks for sharing the link to the poem. What a beautiful gift!

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  3. Happy Birthday to the Professor. What a lovely poem.

  4. We are celebrating a birthday here also, my Dad's! It's a great day to have been born!


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