Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lord of the Rings Thirteen!

I can't say that having an actual teenager in the house feels any different today than yesterday. The Professor has been taller than me for quite a while now and has been working on a voice that's even deeper than Husband's. It feels like he's been a teenager for months, but today, it was official!

Since this is probably his last year to have a full blown themed celebration, we tried to go out with a bang, or rather, a clang!

When he said he wanted a Lord of the Rings theme, I panicked. You see, it has been ages since I read those books and he has never seen the movies so I couldn't really take my inspiration from there. Thankfully, some dear friends answered my call for help with a ton of really great ideas that got my creative juices flowing. Thank you, you elvish-loving kindred spirits!

Some of our attempts to bring the lands of Middle Earth to our dining room included ivy garland recycled from many other birthdays but most recently, The Secret Garden.
The Nerf swords were not just decoration as they were battled with whenever there was a break in the day and some Legolas target practice happened in the afternoon with a bow and foam arrow set out in the garage.

A Gandalf sized walking stick and hat (which was one of my sun hats covered in greyish fabric) was a must!

Banners with the White Tree of Gondor and the flags of Rohan flanked by columns of streamers were easy to make. I wish I had had enough fabric scraps to make them flowy instead of papery.

In keeping with our new tradition of theme oriented banners, this one was made using one of these fantastical fonts! (Thank you, Kimberlee et all!)

And of course... the One Ring!

Presents were wrapped in brown paper tied with string, with elvish lettering.
Easiest wrapping job EVER!

We fortified ourselves with Lembas wrapped in napkin leaves at the break of day before we set out on our quest of fun and birthday adventure, aka... a trip to the book store!

The tankard is a travel mug from our cabinet. I had hoped to make more with coffee mugs and tin foil but ran out of time. We let the birthday boy have the one tankard to fill them all!

Dinner was a feast of grilled meats and vegetables according to the birthday boy's delight followed by a decadent Chocolate Pecan Pie (also his request; recipe forthcoming)! 
While I silently pondered this grown-up young man and his new taste in grown-up desserts, he blew the candles out on a day filled with fantasy and wonder.
Happy Birthday, Professor! We love you tremendously!


  1. Happy birthday, Professor! What a great party.

  2. Your themed parties are awesome! What wonderful memories your children will have.

  3. Happy Birthday, Professor! Looks like you had a fabulous party! Everything looks so cool and that banner is super fantastic. May the hair on your toes never fall out!

  4. Happy birthday Professor! Your day in Middle Earth looked like so much fun and that pecan pie looks delicious... and precious. I wish it was my own!

    Mrs. S.

  5. What a fun birthday! After reading the poem his aunt wrote, I had a feeling he might be having a Lord of the Rings Themed Birthday. You always do such an amazing job with your children's birthday parties and are such an inspiration.

    It made me sad to read that this is probably his last full blown themed celebration... especially since our oldest will turn 11 this summer, and 13 isn't that far off from there. sigh... they just grow up way, way, way too fast!

    Happy Birthday to the Professor, from my whole family!

  6. What a fun celebration. You did a marvelous job. Happy birthday to the Professor, and many more!

  7. (Sigh) I loved the theme and you did do a great job in bringing making it look so creative and special.

    But 13! My oldest is turning 14 this year. She's as tall as me, a young lady is growing within her...and it makes me so happy and sad at the same time.

    Your SIL's poem hit the mark!

  8. Happy Birthday! Hope my next birthday partys like that!

  9. I am sure he will always treasure all his special birthdays you ahve done for him, especially this wonderful one. Great job.

  10. Wow! Happy, Happy (somewhat belat4ed) birthday, Professor!

    And, Charlotte, you are the queen of awesome birthday parties!


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