Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lenten Preparations

Lent is a privileged time of interior pilgrimage towards Him Who is the fount of mercy.
~ Message of His Holiness Benedict XVI for Lent 2006

As you can see, these traditions have developed over time in our family. If this is your first year to try some activities to help your children embrace this meaningful season even more, I highly recommend choosing one or two to start with. See what works for your family and then add more if you'd like to.

Shrove Tuesday (painted masks 2009)

And he fasted forty days and forty nights
and afterward he was hungry...
Then the devil left him, and behold,
angels came and ministered to him.
Matt. 4:2, 11

Lenten Wreaths
We have one every year but it seems I have been remiss in taking pictures of them. The picture above is our most recent one from last year. Sometimes we use it by removing a thorn when we successfully complete and act of charity; other times it's just a visual reminder.
 Preparations - Part 3 (2007)

Lenten Calendars
Memory Lane (2010)
Shrove Tuesday (calendars 2009)
It Begins (2008)

Saying Goodbye to the Alleluia

Stations of the Cross
We try to make it to Mass on Friday and stay to pray stations afterwards with any of our homeschool friends who show up (weather permitting). The church has outdoor stations available only because of the group of elderly people who get together to pray the rosary after Mass. 

Here are some excellent resources for praying the Stations of the Cross for Children:

Holy Week
Good Friday (2008)


  1. Thank you Charlotte!

    I really hope we have the time to make the Mardi Gras Masks this year. They are so cute!

  2. How did I miss the cookies last year?!?? They are perfect! Can’t wait to try them.

    I’ve also been meaning to mention how thrilled I am for you and your family! What wonderful news. Congratulations!!

    God bless you Miss Charlotte!

  3. Thank you! Thank you! My "getting ready" has been limited to writing our "family Lent plan" on the chalkboard....which seems pretty weak!

  4. oh bless you Charlotte for sharing!!


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