Thursday, April 21, 2011

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JPII roses bursting forth all over the bush

Curtains in our living room replacing ugly, dirty blinds makes me very happy. See Barbara's post here and here.

I love this "tapestry" that hangs over our fireplace. It used to be a pillow, but I decided to unstuff it and hang it up because the colors and the cute animal faces just tickle me. It makes me laugh to think of it displayed in such a formal setting with spotlights like some great piece of art in our home. I'm sure it's not what the designers of this house ever imagined!

Studying xylem and phloem ~ a standard for every homeschooling family!


  1. Your roses are beautiful! I like your animal tapestry! If you love it, then it IS fine art, right?

  2. What a beautiful rose! And I like your curtains, too!

  3. Gorgeous rose! Yeah draperies!

  4. Don't forget to split the base of one stalk and put on half in red and the other in blue then you get purpl(ish) celery leaves :D
    Love the rose!!
    I planted roses for the first time and the blooms right now are

    [ ] this big.

  5. So glad you posted the celery photo. It made me smile! Pretty and happy and fun and real!

  6. Charlotte, those curtains are beautiful. Do your windows (that will hold those particular curtains) face the south or west? If they do, how do you keep the heat out? I would love to get rid of my blinds but they really help (A LOT) with keeping out the heat.

  7. Patty,
    There are three windows in this particular room. One faces east and the other two face north. The north facing ones aren't a problem, but the east facing window does get a lot of early morning summer sun which isn't as hot as the afternoon sun but we still like to do whatever we can to help our AC unit keep the house cool. For that window I am either going to install a room darkening pull down shade or use a tension rod to add a thermal panel on the inside of the window. It's not going to be as pretty as the other windows, but it will do the trick for the summer. The other windows that I have that face south are mostly shaded by trees and the 2 story house next door. And the one wall of windows that face due west will someday be shaded by the maple tree we planted outside but for now, they still have the large wooden slat blinds.


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