Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Wedding Breakfast

Peanut Butter Sweetheart Scones, Royal Raspberry Tartlets from the Pink Princess Tea Parties book, Tiara Toasts with Nutella and Strawberry Gems and tea, of course!
And yes... we wore tiaras!
“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” So said St Catherine of Siena whose festival day it is today. Marriage is intended to be a way in which man and woman help each other to become what God meant each one to be, their deepest and truest selves. ~ Royal Wedding sermon of the Bishop of London

I am by no means an anglophile, but who doesn't love weddings? And a royal wedding is an historic occasion. So what induced me to get up at 4 am to turn on the telly and tune in to the show? (My girls joined in around 4:45am but like Margaret's boys, my guys kept their eyes tucked in bed until all kissing was over!) Well, I remember watching his parents' wedding with my mom. To a young girl of 7 it was a real life fairy tale come true but sadly, as we witnessed over the years, it was as much make believe as anything the Grimm Brothers could concoct.

But this marriage seems genuine. They really do seem to be friends who are very much in love with each other. Whatever gripes may be had with previous or current royal scandals it seems as if most people, some of who have suffered through similar scandals on a much smaller scale, really do want these two to have a real happily ever after. That seems to be a unifying desire. Here's hoping!

Here are my thoughts for Margaret, once she's awake. Feel free to chime in:

1. I loved that she chose to wear her hair down so that William would recognize her as the woman he loved.

2. She looked very calm to me, but her Dad looked like he needed a stiff drink!

3. Wills was so adorable, not looking at her until she was right behind him. And Harry! What a character that guy is. You know the ribbing he was giving William helped to lighten his mood and keep him on his feet!

4. The Bishop of London reminded me of Anthony Hopkins. Not sure why. The Archbishop of Canterbury could have totally passed for the bishop in The Princess Bride!

5. The vows were very sweet. I hope they truly do cherish, honor and protect each other.

6. Wonderful! I also loved hearing the reference to St. Catherine of Siena when the Bishop began his sermon.


  1. I was waiting for the Archbishop to say..."Mawwiaaghe". I loved her dress - very similar to the one Grace Kelly wore - it didn't need to plunge that much. Wonderful morning! My daughter and I were up at 4!

  2. I agree, her dress was too low cut for my tastes but, maybe because she is a smaller busted woman, I didn't think it shockingly immodest. And I agree that it was totally inspired by Grace Kelly!

  3. Your breakfast looks delish! My girls and I snacked on Easter chocolate. :)

    I hope you get a nap later on. It's 9:00 a.m. and I just got up...and I'm the ONLY one up!

    It was worth it.

  4. Oh, Charlotte! I'm mega envious. I've had to settle for the recap. Story of my life, lol. And your goodies! Yummo! Very similar to what I told my hubby I would like to make.

    Anywho, I loved the way she wore her hair as well. And yes, the Archbishop had my cracking up. Over all I loved watching it all. It's the girly girl in me.

  5. Oh, and I just have to say that I LOVE her name. I had never heard her middle name before. Catherine Elizabeth is the name of one of my daughters. :)

  6. And did you notice how the began by invoking St. Catherine of Sienna who's feast day is today? That was really special!

  7. Nope, Margaret, still awake here. I think I will crash sometime after lunch. That seems to be this baby's sleepytime anyway.

  8. How fun!! I missed it all. . . But then, it was on at 2am our time and, though I tried staying awake to watch it, I ended up falling asleep on the couch. I'll have to go and find a recap online.

  9. Oh, no! I missed the St. Catherine invocation. I'll need to watch it again.

  10. Jessica, I watched on their youtube channel (The Royal Channel).

  11. Kelly,
    It was at the beginning of the Bishop of London's sermon...

    “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” So said St Catherine of Siena whose festival day it is today. Marriage is intended to be a way in which man and woman help each other to become what God meant each one to be, their deepest and truest selves.

    You can read the rest here.

  12. I found out at Mass this morning that St. Catherine of Sienna was quoted in the sermon. Yeah!! I have to watch a rebroadcast, too. I was up at 3:30 with my baby, and watched some of the coverage, but I went back to bed as soon as he did =)

  13. I did see the invocation in the rebroadcast! It happened to be right after I turned it on. I thought that was so neat!

    Now I think I am going to go and try and find the Nutella in my pantry. That is sounding so yummy! :) We might just have to do an afternoon tea today. Thanks for the suggestion and inspiration!!

  14. RE: 1. What a lovely thought! I was wishing for the added elegance of an updo but I am going to rethink it. She is so poised in every time I see her. What a lovely bride. (And Harry cracked me up too.)

    We are watching the event piecemeal among the other claims on our day, but I can't wait to hear the sermon and see the vows now.

  15. Agreed! It is so fun to watch a Royal Wedding, and they do seem a couple genuinely in love and prepared for their life together. I found myself praying for them while watching - the prayers, the hymns, the sermon were all so beautiful. Saint Catherine of Siena, pray for us!

  16. Nicole,
    The commentators I was listening to said that she stated the reason herself. It made me chuckle because it was the same reason I chose to wear my hair down on my wedding day when an updo was definitely considered the more fashionable way to go. I think most brides should wear their hair the way they usually wear it with a little added elegance.

  17. Wow! You have more energy than I do this pregnancy! I woke up in time for the kiss this morning, but missed the wedding. Sleep is just too important to me with the impending sleeplessness around the corner.

  18. LOL Kelle!

    Actually, I have been experiencing some insomnia with this pregnancy that usually hits around 3 or 4 in the morning. You should see me on the back end of the day... I'm usually snoring by 8pm.


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