Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A(nother) LEGO Birthday

BigBoy with a LEGO Buddy and a Bed Buddy
When you have an older brother as cool as this guy, it only makes sense that a little brother would want to follow in his footsteps. BigBoy has been planning his LEGO birthday ever since The Professor had one last year. Thankfully, Jessica's creativity helped infuse our party with a little "new life" so it didn't feel like a total repeat!

His banner...

...and table settings with #7 wall decor.
I opted not to make Jessica's adorable gift bags but instead drew circles on the plates and napkins to make them look like LEGO bricks. His presents were also decorated like LEGO bricks.

I used this ice cube tray as a candy mold to make little bags of treats but sadly, because of his hurt neck, the Birthday Boy wasn't interested in many of my planned festivities so we'll hang on to them until he feels better. We wanted to make Jessica's LEGO pops, too but will save those for another day.

While he was with Daddy at the doctor, the older kids added some new paper minifigures to the party using the templates I made last year.
This is a paper version of a minifigure that BigBoy owns called Mark and we decided that our little dog Crouton needed to be turned into a minifigure as well!
The Professor put up his minifigure from last year and a new Ninjago friend for this year.
Sunshine added knitting needles to her minifigure from last year.
Shortcake added a beloved cousin friend who loves to wear hats!
His cake was a Lethal Peppermint Chocolate Cake with Mint Buttercream filling and Mint Ganache frosting, just like his big brother had. (I totally recommend substituting chopped Andes mints for the candy cane, btw.) The Professor put together the little scene on top ala one of their favorite blogs, a LEGO a day! The Samurai and the Roman Warrior are holding a banner that says Happy Birthday, BigBoy, but with his real name (because my kids really do have real names in real life)! 
I hope Mr Phelps knows how much his pictures have inspired their creativity.

 All in all, BigBoy had a good day. He has been so brave dealing with his neck strain especially while mommy was not being so brave and crying all over him. When he is fully recovered, we plan to continue the party. Heck, we might just leave the decorations up until then!


  1. Happy birthday to your little man! Hope he is up and feeing better soon :)

  2. You are so clever with your birthdays -- want to adopt me?????

    And of course, altho everything is lovely, the best was that Sunshine has knitting needles -- you go, girl!

    Hugs to the birthday boy ...

  3. That looks like a really cool birthday party. I wonder if I could convince my 6 year old that she should have a Lego party this year. Then again, I wonder if I'll have time [and energy] to make all the decorations for a party that takes place the same week as VBS.

  4. Charlotte,
    Both your birthday parties were wonderful. What a week you ahve had. Sorry I ahve been absent from the blogging and commenting world, just trying to enjoy the beautiful weather outside a lot before it's gets too hot. Hope you're feeling and growing :) well.

  5. Everything looks wonderful. I love how your other kids got into the decorating with their own touches. That is precious. I really need to make that cake sometime soon! Like perhaps this afternoon. You know just because it's overcast and threatening to rain *again*. Or because it's Thursday. Or...oh, who really needs a reason to make a cake?!

    I am very sorry, though, to hear about Bigboy being in pain on his special day. Poor guy. :( I will be keeping him in my prayers today. May God bless him!

  6. Kelly,
    If you need help coming up with a reason to make this cake, I'm sure we can come up with something. It is amazing. My husband says it is THE perfect cake and he is pretty picky about his cakes!

  7. Everything turned out so nicely! I just love the new additions to the mini figures and the "Sneaky Ninja Dude" on the little cousin friend's t-shirt cracked me up! Your kids are all so creative, just like their mom!

    I'm so glad that the birthday boy had a good day, despite his neck hurting so badly! Happy Birthday BigBoy!

  8. Just wanted to wish the Birthday Boy a very happy one (belated!) and lots of prayers and hugs! Would have done so on his big day, but storms 5 miles away knocked out our power, then power was sporadic the next day, too! Hope he's feeling better and enjoying lots of fun activities!
    God bless you all!


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