Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Community Garden Party

Our community garden celebrated it's official opening this past weekend. Even though we made the decision to give up our garden plot to someone who would be able to give it the attention it deserved, the girls were very proud of the hard work they put in to building the garden last fall and wanted to participate. Everyone was so joyful and excited to be out and about in nature together.

One lovely lady specifically chose this ROY G. BIV color coordination for her garden!

Decorated rain barrels, so cute!
Face painting done by a local artist who created beautiful paintings for the garden and these lovely designs on my sweet girls.

I loved these adorable decorations that Miss Sandra came up with. Colorful bottles on bamboo poles with a sunny sunflower inside. What a great idea for a garden party decoration!

The community garden is also making room for our beautiful Texas wildflowers.


  1. How fun! I had my tomatoes all planted but then the construction and hail have not been good for my garden. Maybe with this cooler weather they will have a chance to recover.

  2. What a fabulous community garden! It looks like a lot of love and hard work went into it all. I especially loved the painted water barrels. It's such a blessing to live in an area where neighbors can come together to create something so lovely and practical at the same time.

  3. what a great community garden. I love teh painted rain barrels. We may just have to try that at some point.


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