Thursday, May 5, 2011


Any idea how to get Silly Putty off the bottom of a tennis shoe? I've managed to pick off as much as I can. Should I throw it in the freezer? That works for bubble gum, right? I've also seen nail polish remover and olive oil suggested for removing it from hair but I don't know if they will work on a sneaker. Help.


  1. Rubbing alcohol sometimes works to get silly putty off clothing.

  2. I agree with anon: goo gone should work! Good luck!

  3. Throw the shoe out and buy a new pair!

    (What? It's Easter. We need to celebrate.)

  4. Except that these are NEW!!! Only a few weeks old! Seriously.

  5. Oh. In that case, please disregard my previous (smart-alecky) comment and go with Goo-Gone.

    When in doubt, go with Goo-Gone.

    Got goo?

    Go with Goo-Gone.

  6. Yes, I'm feeling a little punchy. You'd think I'd had too much guacamole or something.

  7. You sure it isn't something stronger than guacamole? Like a little tequila snuck in there? :)

    Actually, the goo gone worked! I had to use a toothpick to pick it out of the crevices, but it came off very easily. Thanks all! Margaret, stay away from the lime!

  8. I'm late but I always use Goo-Gone for anything like that. I'm glad it worked.

    Margaret, stay away from the limes. Well, I'd be right there with you if my friendly margarita maker were here. :)

  9. ACTUALLY...

    This drink is a combination of beer, vodka and lemonade. Here is its official name--you are too much of a lady for me to type it on your blog.

    And before I get judged by any of Charlotte's readers, please know that I am celebrating not just Cinqo de Mayo but also getting Mother's Day cards (and photos!) out to EIGHT DIFFERENT MOMS & GRANDMAS this afternoon. Phew! I made it to the post office within one minute of the guy locking the door.

    I'll stop gloating now... : )

  10. Okay, and I also just HAVE to say...

    My word verification was "Kapoop" !

    Tell me that's not funny, please.

  11. I'm glad the goo gone worked for you. I personaly can't stand the stuf.(gives me a blinding headache)The last time I had to deal with Silly putty I froze it and scraped it off. Another thing you should be aware of: Goo gone is petroleum based. Don't use it on clothing. It will leave a grease stain.

  12. I love goo gone so much.


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