Monday, May 30, 2011

Good Shepherd Garden Party :: Week Five

The Gardener Plants Paradise

With back-to-back birthdays, a little boy with a neck spasm followed by working at a wonderful but exhausting homeschool conference on Friday and Saturday, and some door painting and repair on Sunday, let me tell you... if today hadn't been a holiday, I don't think this garden party would have gotten done!

The Tree of Life's Leaves and Flowers
PB&J sandwiches inspired by Jessica. I made more than this, I just didn't photograph them.

 The Tree of Life's Fruit
If my kids ask, back me up and tell them that watermelons grow on trees, okay? Thanks!
The Owl
These owl cupcakes always turn out cute, but Jessica's owl cake had us girls cooing this week! It's so precious!
The Olive Tree
Olive oil is as close to an olive as my kids will get.
The Palm Tree

The Roses and Lilies
A few after-dinner mints made using mint wafers and my candy molds.
I am soooooo ready for a week off this week and then back to school next week. We are schooling through the summer so that we can take more time when the baby arrives in September.

You can see more Week 5 celebrations over at Catholic Cuisine!


  1. Your garden party turned out great!! I love those owls and those roses and lilies--I gotta learn how to make that candy!

    I can't seem to leave comments anywhere else...glad I could here, everyone did a great job!

  2. Have a great week off! Great idea with the PB&J leaves and flowers. I sure admire you candy makers!

  3. Loved the simplicity of this. Especially your pg&j flowers and leaves.

    One question for you, daughter and I are wondering how on Earth you get your oreos separated so perfectly? Is it the Texas humidity and/or temperature? LOL, ours never turn out that pretty. We didn't complain much, though. We just ate all the mess-ups! :)

  4. Kelly,
    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again (and eat the failed attempts)! Seriously, I used a butter knife to separate them and then lightly scraped them with the same knife until they were clean and white.


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