Thursday, May 19, 2011

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Pretty red leaves on our JPII rose bush mean more beautiful blossoms are on their way!


Freshly washed baby clothes, just a few, that have been hidden in the dark depths of the attic just waiting for this chance to cuddle and clothe a new little sister. Very happy!


She's still missing a leg! I would have had plenty of time to make it had I gotten more yarn before I pulled my back (which is feeling much better now ~ thank you for the concern!). A whole day in bed and nothing to crochet! Not funny.


The girls have sprinkled the Penderwick magic over their little brother. (The Professor has read them too but don't tell anyone!) Real life in a book-loving family at it's best!


  1. Hope your back is feeling better.

    PS That little brother is looking very big to me!

  2. Your little dolly and sweet, baby clothes are SO cute! We'll be exploring the Penderwicks this summer...can't wait. Hope your back feels better.:)

  3. Barbara,
    He's ginormous! He's hoping to be as tall as his big brother some day and I think that day will come sooner rather than later!

    And thank you both, my back feels much better. Maybe not all better, but I'll take much better!

  4. Oohhh!! Look at those sweet baby girls clothes!!! It won't be long!!

  5. Congrats on your upcoming new arrival!

    We love The Penderwicks too.

  6. Oh the baby clothes! Your joy is contagious.
    I am going to look for these books. We have a beach trip planned and I am trying to get a book list together. And I do pray for your back pain to heal completely.

  7. I love these, Charlotte! I can relate so to the baby clothes, the doll without a leg (I'm currently knitting a nativity for my mom and Joseph's body parts are sorta strewn about), and your son with his nose in the book ;)

  8. Lovely little baby clothes! Wishing you comfort in your last days!

  9. I waited through four boys to pull out the baby girl clothes again (the few I had saved that didn't have dry-rotted elastic!); I know how happy baby girl things make a mommy!

    We love the Penderwicks! My 10 year old boy was the biggest fan of all.

  10. I enjoyed seeing the rose bud and leaves with *no* aphids or other bugs enjoying a munch! Lucky you!

  11. Haven't heard of those books but now I am definitely curious. Getting the baby clothes ready is one of my favorite parts of getting baby ready :o)


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