Thursday, June 9, 2011

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Pretty curtains with a floral burnout design in Cupcake's room. As you can see, the design plan changed a little.


Or A LOT!!! The color we chose for the walls is making me very happy! So cheerful and bright! It's called A Bird's Eye View which is kind of a silly name for paint but better than Rising Tidewater. Who wants to think of Rising Tidewater in their house?


BigBoy got reacquainted with his old baby swing when some friends who had borrowed it returned it and after listening to us talk about how happy this swing made him, how is older siblings would coo and ooh at him in it and how it just delighted all of them to no end, he insisted he needed to check this contraption out to make sure he could operate it for Cupcake. Well, anyone who has ever used a baby swing knows that without the weight of a baby in it, it can swing kind of wild. He was impressed with the height this little thing got! His Daddy teased him that one time, he went up and over! So then, Mommy got serious and put enough weight in the swing to equal BigBoy's birth weight so he could have a more accurate impression of how it would work. He's still been fascinated with it! I don't think I'm getting my flour or my batteries back.

The real mess left behind after painting. My least favorite part.


  1. I LOVE the color!!! And the curtains!! SO pretty!

  2. those are gorgeous curtains.

    I hate cleaning up after paint too, but I hate prep even more.

  3. What a very cheerful room! Cupcake is lucky--our new little daughter will be sharing a boring taupe room with her two big sisters, mainly because a) we had to repaint our old house prior to and after our move to this one and are tired of painting for the nonce and b) our girls aren't old enough to be aware they can request a new color! Haha!

  4. Love the color you picked. Our baby girl on the way also has a blue room. It's nice to see I'm not the only one who weighs down the baby swing when testing it out without a baby. I use a container of cranberry juice to simulate an 8lb baby. My younger daughter thought it was a riot that I put the juice in the swing.

  5. Love the color and curtains! "Bird's eye view"...this completely justifies my cupcake design! :)

  6. That is SUCH a happy color! It will make you smile everytime you walk in---not that Cupcake wouldn't do that, too.

  7. great color. I was at target today and they have a ton of teh black and white pattern you like in pillows, lamps, accessories.


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