Saturday, June 11, 2011

Good Shepherd's Garden Party :: Week Seven

~ The Heavenly Zoo ~

Beehive Buns ~ I wanted to put little honeybee grahams on these great Beehive Buns that Jessica found but couldn't find any so I opted for a little bear in search of some honey!

Deer Sausage ~ This is why The Professor loves this week!

Fiery Phoenix Chips and Salsa ~ the chips sort of look like feathers!

Our absolute favorite Peacock Cupcakes ~ of course everyone wanted the peacock's face. BigBoy got it so the girls turned their feathers into baby peacocks!

Lazy Lion Sandwiches ~ these were PB sandwiches with matchstick carrot manes

Pelican Toasties ~ my light was starting to fade. They didn't turn out as Pac-Man shaped as the ones from last year!

This is why I hate taking pictures of my dining room in the windows and the sun has moved over to the other side of the house anyway but I wanted to show you our pretty new Pentecost tablecloth! (OK, so the only real Pentecosty thing about it is that it's red, but I thought it was pretty!) You can see that the water made it on the table but not in the individual pictures. We are saving our Dove chocolates for tomorrow!

Happy Pentecost!

You can see other Week 7 celebrations over at Catholic Cuisine!


  1. Your Beehives turned out cute!!! Ours are baking right now! :) I love the idea of the fiery chips and salsa. Yum! And your Peacock turned out adorable and that was very clever of the girls to make baby peacocks! I might have to pull out some extra m&m's for when the decision over who gets the face needs to be made! ;)

  2. That's what inspired their creativity. Those who got feathers also got a little pile of M&M's!

  3. Love the honey buns! Yummy. I'm a sucker for fresh baked bread/rolls.

    Those Peacock cupcakes turn out so cute everytime. Though, with me making pentecost cupcakes, I don't think I'll be making them this time. There is always next year.

    I love the deer sausage. I have our ground deer meat thawing for tomorrow. It's nice to have hunters in the family. :)

  4. Kelly,
    My Dad is the hunter in the family. He stocked our freezer full of elk meat last winter and I'm still making my way through it. Unfortunately, his deer sausage never lasts that long. He usually has it dried and it's so good that it get's gobbled up first!

  5. I cannot believe how creative and and domestically gifted you are!!! Wow. So impressed. Definitely something for me to aspire to.

    When you get a free minute, I'd like to chat with you about homeschooling which, you probably don't know, I'm considering doing next year (do you like how I wait until the last minute to decide super important things? It's one of my many charming qualties ;) )

    I'm so glad you found my blog so I could find yours!

  6. Your new Pentecost tablecloth is perfect! I especially love the lazy Lion sandwiches because I think lazy me could actually do those;) The peacock cupcakes with their babies and brilliant colors are just the cutest

  7. You are awesome! Your Beehive Buns are little works of art. Filing these ideas away for next year...


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