Friday, July 22, 2011

The Netflix gods must be crazy!

Who knew that the other entertainment Netflix provides is making you laugh yourself silly with their kooky recommendations and categorizations?

Let's play a game... I'll show you what they recommended and you tell me what you think I searched for.

I'll be back with the answer in the combox later!


  1. Old guys & cars? I give up! BTW...what are you continuing with after Sept. 1? We can't decide. I want the free-streaming, but Paul wants the 1-DVD out at a time. All I know is I'm sure not gonna pay $15.98 for both.:( I love Netflix...I hate Netlix!

  2. I'm unable to figure out how Netflix comes up with it's categorizations. I particularly like their survey questions. We once got asked "How often do you watch movies with talking animals?" when rating some VeggieTales episodes our kids had just watched. We never realized that veggies are animals.

  3. Racing through time?

    Running out of time?

    I give up!!

  4. Don't try to make sense of it, y'all. Netflix certainly doesn't!

    Grace, I'm thinking we will drop down to the one disc option with streaming. At that price, it's still a good deal since they only have a limited content of streaming. I look at it as cheaper and more controllable content than cable.

  5. OK... here's the answer:


    Can you believe it? Now, in all fairness to Netflix, they listed all the different version of Pride and Prejudice (which is what I was looking for) and this suggestion was attached to a "study guide" version that was targeted for high schoolers, I think. But still!

  6. Oh that made me laugh out loud!! Everyone came running to find out what I thought was so funny. I was thinking "Drive Thru History," but P&P? LOL!


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