Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bag Chat

OK, so here's another post that gentlemen readers might want to skip.

Cupcake still has some gestating to do, but I was already talking to a sweet friend about what to pack in the bag that goes to the hospital with us when the she finally arrives. She had some great suggestions like honey sticks for a quick energy boost. I've already started collecting some holy cards and images I want to have with me. Another friend recommended an old blanket or quilt to make those hospital beds feel more cozy and it got me thinking to open up this thread to everyone so that you can share anything that you might have found especially comforting or helpful or necessary to bring along with you either for the delivery or after.

And all you amazing homebirth mommas, feel free to chime in with anything you might have made sure to have on hand at home that you found particularly comforting or helpful for before or after. I've already started drinking some raspberry leaf tea which I found very helpful after BigBoy was born.

P.S. Not that I am considering one but isn't that delivery gown in the picture a hoot?

P. P. S. I have a supply of washable ones but does anyone know if they sell disposable nursing pads that are NOT individually wrapped? Thanks!


  1. Though I've delivered three, I have no advice on what to bring for comfort. We brought way too much stuff the first time around but I ended up not being able to move anyway (high blood pressure, could only stay on left side, and ended up with meds that made me drowsy). With #2 I barely made it to the hospital and #3 was had along the way to the hospital... I plan to have the car stocked for that emergency this time around!

    For post-partum I don't bring much either: personal hygiene stuff (like toothbrush, shampoo). I could care less about makeup at the hospital. I don't bring a separate gown because I bleed too much and don't care to stain my clothes. So basically personal items, chapstick, a book, socks, clothes for me and baby to come home in, and a Boppy for breastfeeding. Though a small blanket might be nice to add.

  2. This is so exciting!!!

    I always bring a white noise machine...for one of mine, the hallway noise at night kept me from resting at all.

    -miracle blanket
    -snacks for hubby

    My favorite nursing pads are Johnson and Johnson...I get them at Walmart.

  3. I like the contoured nursing pads from Johnson and Johnson. Ages ago I used to buy them from Target but I don't see them at my local Target anymore. A couple months ago I found them on sale at Walgreens.com and ordered ten 36ct. boxes of them. I used them with my first two and I was really happy to see that they're still around for me to use this time around. I used to use washable ones by Kushies, but I found they contributed to making our laundry smell like sour milk.

  4. Are the Johnson and Johnson ones individually wrapped? I don't know why this is bothering me, but I bought a box of Medela and was so disappointed to find each one individually encased in plastic. They used to sell them in a box all stacked up and then you could put as many as you needed in a little reusable carrying case in your diaper bag.

  5. The Johnson and Johnson ones are in a big stack, no wrapping. I also like that they don't have any adhesive.

    I had our 3rd in April and was happy that I had brought my MP3 player with me. I made sure it was loaded with plenty of music plus some talk shows I like from 910AM. (Catholic Answers, Doctor is In, etc....) I enjoyed it much more than flipping through the hospital TV uselessly.

    I always get so queasy during labor that the honey sticks wouldn't work for me - but I think they sound like a great idea!

    -Marie in Dallas

  6. My pillow. After giving birth, there is something about laying your head on your pillow - the smells and softness of home. Also, bathroom reading material to get through that whole "you gotta poop before you leave" gag. lol

  7. I always bring books and magazines, but have never read more than a page.

    DVDS. if your room will have a player, or if you will have your laptop

    CAMERA! and charger

    something comfy to wear when visitors come. I usually take sweats and one of my hubbys comfy tshirts

    socks. maybe slippers. they wont let you walk around without them, and the ones they provide you arent too great

    deodorant. enough said!

    brush, toothbrush/paste, chapstick. shampoo and conditioner. even soap from home for your first shower after baby.

    hard candies for bad breath after birth (hey, it happens)

    cell phone to call people with the news. but turn it off during the last stages of labor. phone ringing during pushing almost made me scream mean things at my husband (which i dont usually do)sister-in-law now knows not to call during labor lol

    clothes for baby to come home in

    if using a pacifier, bring one. you dont want the baby to get used to the hospitals pacifier

    pillow. a nice quilt from home also makes your stay in an uncomfortable hospital bed a little bit easier

    nipple cream

    ** johnson and johnson contoured pads are my fav as well. they are not individually wrapped

  8. I am with Nicole. Three large suitcases for my first baby - didn't use any of it. Less for subsequent babies - mostly 'new baby presents' for the previous babies.

  9. This is probably a dumb thing to add, but I've always, (except with the first) brought baby clothes for the baby, so they are not in those plain white tees, I give them some color and I love it. (this time we won't know though the sex...so we'll need to bring both kind)

    Mine are C-sections, so I'm there for 4 days, so I bring my pregnancy clothes (no I don't wear my normal size home) to dress during the day for especially the 3rd day if not sooner if I can. It's so hard to lay around all day in a hospital bed yet, try to walk around in those gowns, yuck!

    (I also always have my rosary and prayer books out too)

  10. I bring baked goods for the nurses/doctors. I have found this makes them happy to come and visit :)

  11. I always make somebody throw some sheets or blankets in the dryer for me--I always have a spell of chills. But this is actually an idea I got from my hospital births, when they would bring me a heated blanket after I delivered. Is that pretty standard? Can you request it?

    Definitely the pillow--maybe two. (One for Sean, right?) An extra blanket for baby, a little thicker and softer than hospital receiving blankets. Snacks, some bottled water and bendable straws, maybe some chewing gum? and I guess they'll give you the ibuprofen!

    Don't forget that camera!

  12. I am saving this post so I can reference it in a couple months when I'm ready to pack my bag. My husband's already making a list of things that we wont want to forget. Great idea seeking advice from all the blogging mamas!

  13. No individual wrapping on the J&J pads. I was looking into the Lansinoh ones a couple months ago and then I read a review stating they were individually wrapped. As soon as I saw that I went searching for the J&J ones I used with my older girls. Who wants to deal with the hassle of ripping open package after package all day?

  14. Charlotte, I've got a box of nursing pads (I think they're the Johnson and Johnson) that I'm never going to use. I haven't needed them since after baby #1. If you want I can send them to you. I just pulled them out of the drawer the other day and was wondering who I could pass them on to. Seems a shame to throw them away. Just let me know.

    For me my laptop is essential hospital equipment. Four days without writing might just kill me. ;)

  15. A few months ago, a friend posted her packing lists on her blog, and I found them helpful... I think she also did one with postpartum items to have ready at home:

    I also plan to bring a white noise machine this time... waking up at 6am to some guy walking around in the hall whistling "Hail to the Chief" is not exactly my idea of restful! ;)

    In the past I have brought comforting things, snacks, etc., but I realized that apparently I get to the hospital too late to make it worth bringing so much... this time, I am just hoping to get to the hospital before the baby comes out! If I could afford a homebirth, that'd be the route I'd be taking.

    The individually wrapped nursing pads are a pain... the wrappers end up all over the place!

    I think a comfy nightgown that unbuttons in the front (for plenty of skin to skin contact with baby!) would be nice as well... and socks, even though September is still crazy hot, because hospitals are always crazy cold!!

  16. Bring a bottle of stool softener and begin taking it with meals right after the birth. I tell it like it is!

    Crackers with the peanut butter or cheese already on them for a protein-carb combo to take with your advil/tylenol if needed. It is a LONG time between meals at the hospital... and in the middle of the might want something if you are up with baby and get hungry. I almost ate a flower arrangement at 4 AM.

    Shower shoes! My crocs were awesome.


    Little can of Lysol. I spray the shower wand before it gets anywhere near me. I know where its been... and it has been there many, many times.

    Large collapsible tote for presents, candy, and all the "personal" stuff the nurses send you home with. There's lots.

    Nice ultrathin Stayfree extra-long pads... something normal instead of those MASSIVE thick hospital pads or the absurd fishnet disposable panties. Those are fine at first, but after the worst bleeding is over you want comfort.

    Large light blanket to cover the car seat completely. You would be shocked at all the hospital traffic that spots a new mother leaving with a baby seat and peers up close at the baby. Many of them do not look well! You also have to be in the elevator with them. A large blanket solves the problem until you get to your car.

    I like to bring a robe and a little makeup for pictures/visiting. Makes me feel like myself again, and less like a sick person.

    That white noise machine idea is great. I love mine and I would have rested much better with it.

    Can't wait!!!!!!

  17. Barbara has a great point about a blanket for the car seat. I've brought home 3 and never thought to bring one. Always wished I had, too.

  18. I considered the white noise machine since I did have trouble sleeping after my second was born because of the noise. I may go throw it in my bag. Here is my list:

    I am packing my bags up too! Not too much longer!

  19. It's almost BABY TIME!

    1) Warm Socks. I always got really cold then really hot then really cold....and having warm socks on my feet helped me regulate my temperature

    2) I loved my Aimee nursing gown for the days when people come and take lots of pictures and you want to pretend like you're in a movie about a woman who looks great right after giving birth: http://www.nursinggowns.com/

    3) Boppy pillow. Magical. Mystical. Unexplainable awesomeness.

    Hope you're feeling good, sweetie!

  20. I agree about the stool softener. THat is something you don't want to forget.

    Lots of spare underwear, in preparation for bleeding.

    BIG bag of soft candy (jukes, jellybeans, etc.) for eating after delivery. You need the energy.

  21. Johnson and Johnson makes great disposable nursing pads, they are the only ones I ever used.

    I have c-sections, so I'm in the hospital for several days. I always take fresh clothes for each day. Just cotton pants/capris and tanks or tee shirts. It makes a ton of difference for me in terms of energy and recovery.

    I'm sure you are taking a book, music, that kind of thing. Don't forget your phone charger. :)

    Can't wait for her arrival!

  22. Doula here :)

    Orange juice with a straw was so comforting to me during labor...good blood sugar boost and nice and cold! Don't let them give you any lines about not eating or drinking during labor...it's not based on scientific evidence. Would you tell a marathon runner they couldn't have anything to drink?

    Granola bars, almonds, trail mix, etc.

    Rosary or crucifix to hold during contractions :)

    Massager if you think that is something that would comfort you...especially with back labor

    We birth at home and having a couple of those depend/Poise disposable underwear was kind of nice for the first few hours post partum.


    Book/magazine/crocheting for after...depending on how long you're staying.

    Homemade bottom cream for a sore perineum...I plan on making some this time around! There's recipes online using beeswax, calendula, comfrey, lavender, etc.

    Arnica or your own ibuprofen for afterpains. It drives me nuts how much the hospital can charge for an Advil so with my 2nd born at hospital, I brought my own!

    Car seat!

    A helpful and very supportive husband who will do whatever you need and go get whatever you need :)

    Hope that helps!!

  23. Bringing your own Advil is a great idea... I remember waiting hours for a nurse to bring me some once!

    The idea of a blanket over the carseat to protect from germy people leaning in is a good one... I just have a convertible seat this time, so it will already be strapped into the car, so I will plan to bring a sling or wrap to enclose the baby from germs as we leave the hospital!

  24. I forgot about the stool softener. After issues with my first three babies, I discovered miralax. I take it in a cup of juice or coffee as soon as I'm in my postpartum room...it's a miracle worker.

    I also concur on your own sanitary pads and ibproufen.

    I got so excited when I clicked over here to read the update on Jessica and saw that Cupcake is due in 27 days!!!

  25. Can you stay home as long as possible, so that you're in a cozy environment for as much as possible? If not, music and electric candles, if you like to have a gentle ambience.

    I haven't been here in a while, but I'm so happy for your healthy pregnancy. I've thought of you and your amazing crafts/treats often. You are my Homeschool Hero. :)


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