Monday, August 15, 2011

Body and Soul

We headed off to Mass this morning, carrying many intentions with us, and on the way there, my mind was searching for something to celebrate the day later as a family. A little treat, something a little fun. It had to be super easy and preferably only require what I had in my pantry because going to the store these days is quite a chore. We've got heat, humidity and now, thanks to the rain we so recently enjoyed, giant brown grasshoppers that stare you down when you dare to cross their turf. Those showed up in mass droves this morning and after Mass, my kids said, "Well, Father mentioned John the Baptist in the readings. I think it's his fault!"

The celebrant was one of our favorite priests who's homilies are always superb. (Because of that I will forgive him the "great with child" comment he made to me after Mass! : ) This morning he mentioned his memory of celebrating this feast day for the first time after his conversion (he was formerly an Anglican priest) but primarily focused his thoughts on the body and soul aspect of Mary's assumption. He explained that Christ's human nature is first given to him at the Incarnation and it is from Mary, his mother, that he takes his human nature. So perfectly intertwined are Mother and Son. Being "great with child", as Father put it, I lingered on his thoughts a little longer. How intertwined and connected I am with this little one. And how our Blessed Mother gave to her Son, God the Son, his human nature, his life blood, everything he needed to become physically manifested to the world. That's about as deep as I'll get here. I am no spiritual fount, nor would I try to be. His thoughts spoke to my heart as the babe inside me jumped and kicked, although I can't be certain it was for joy. Might have just been the salsa I had yesterday.

After we visited with Father and some friends after Mass, my thoughts turned towards that little something extra I wanted to do for the family. I surprised the kids with the day off from school and found the fixings for a little treat. The idea came from Father's reflection on how Mary's assumption, body and soul, is our final goal as well, when on the Last Day, we will be united body and soul in Heaven. Tiny graham cracker crusts that didn't get used for something else, chocolate pudding (to represent the body) and whipped cream (to represent Mary's perfect soul and hopefully our own purified souls someday) to make our own little versions of what I'm calling Body and Soul Pies.
Sometimes, a special celebration can be as easy as pie!


  1. Great idea! Simple, easy, & yummy! My favorite!

  2. wonderful. i have been getting very sentimental over various things too.

    Happy Feast of the Assumption!!

  3. Quick. Simple. Tasty. Perfect. :)

    I've made those connections with The Blessed Mother before (usually while pregnant) and it is always a comfort to me that I could in a small way share an understanding with her and how she might have felt.


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