Thursday, September 15, 2011

Who does she look like?

Thank you to everyone who has expressed congratulations and concern for our recovery. I wanted to tell you that I am being so very well cared for, spoiled even I'd say, by my mother, husband and older children. The girls have put together "healthy nursing snacks" for me (fruit cups and granola bars) and have brought me every Jane Austen movie in our collection! While they are not able to really help care for Cupcake, they are quite capable of taking care of themselves and household chores like laundry and dishes and that is a tremendous help. My mom has completely taken over the kitchen and our meals making some of her specialities and even attempting some of our favorites. Sean went back to work this week but plans to take off next week once my mom has to leave. We also had some incredibly generous friends who collected and dropped off baked goods to stock our freezer.  Delicious dinner rolls, loaves of bread and spice cake. We are being taken care of in the best way!

I sit here a little stunned today. It is the day I was due and yet, she has already been here almost 2 weeks! My babies always came late so I'm used to seeing that circled date on the calendar fly by. Never thought I would experience a day like this, but here it is. God is good!

Everyone has been telling us who they think Cupcake looks like. I have my own opinions when I see her sweet face looking up at me, but I thought it would be fun to let you all see baby pictures of the big kids and decide who you think she looks like most. 

 The Professor


(being held by a two year old Professor)



  1. It's a toss-up between her brothers, maybe with an edge to BigBoy.

  2. The Professor. Definitely.

    So glad to hear you are being well taken care of! You are still in my daily prayers. Blessed babymoon!

  3. P.S. I thought that before even seeing any baby pics of the other kids. :)

  4. Sorry, Big Boy. New computer keyboard is making me crazy...

    But, I think I came up with a name for a new cartoon nemesis there...

  5. The Professor. With a bit of Big Boy in there for good measure.

    Looks like Sunshine is one of a kind! ;)

  6. Sarah,

    She definitely does! What I find odd is that I think my girls look so different, but everyone says they both look just like me!

  7. We think she looks like BigBoy! But as Bookgirl says, she definitely has her own personality. :)

  8. The Professor! I'm glad the girls are taking good care of you. Speedy recovery!

  9. It's hard to believe that 2 weeks has gone by, and that it is already your due date!!

    Seeing the other baby pictures, I can totally see the resemblance to The Professor! But I still think that she looks like Shortcake, too. :)

  10. I think that she looks an awful lot like The Professor!

    Speedy recovery to you!

  11. The professor and Big Boy. too cute. can't wait to do this too.

  12. Oh I'm so happy to have returned to a picture of your sweet cupcake! Congratulations!!

    Glad to hear that your are recovering and have the help you need.

    I think Cupcake is a cross between Professor and Big Boy. Though at first glance I thought Professor. She looks so much like her brothers :-).

  13. I would have to go with the Professor!

    So happy that you are being well cared for and kids are pitching in. God bless you all!

  14. Congratulations!! I was offline for 3 weeks and missed all of the excitement, but I will keep you in my prayers for a wonderful babymoon and a lovely recovery. I only had one c section but I understand about the recovery part. Take your time and enjoy your new little miss! She is beautiful and her name is beautiful too! I am so glad you are doing well! {{{HUGS}}} I am sooo happy for all of you!!


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