Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Gown

Isn't that dress gorgeous? Elegant feminine sleeves, attached crinoline, satin lined bonnet. I can gush about it because I didn't pick it but rather was gifted it by a sweet SIL who's super savvy shopping skills provided my little one with a dress fit for a princess. Doesn't she have excellent taste?

The story goes, about 5 years ago, she was walking through a discount clothing store when she spied this beautiful dress for a ridiculously reasonable price. Thinking that surely she could find someone to use it, she bought it and offered it to the first SIL expecting a girl (not me). That SIL already had a dress coming from Rome and didn't need it. She offered it to the next sister to be expecting a girl (not me) and that sister too said she already had a gown for her little one. So this one continued to sit untouched. When finally there was another niece expected, she offered it to that SIL (ME!) and I said, "Well, can I see it first?"

I did... and then I didn't give it back.


  1. Just beautiful, Charlotte!!!

  2. It is absolutely gorgeous. I'm so happy for your family and your newest "child of God."

  3. Very beautiful, love the story of how you got it finally!! (now, someday all your granddaughters can use it too, right?)

    I love the new pictures added to the last post too....especially mama kissing her baby's sweet head!!

  4. I'm so glad it finally went to the girl God picked it out for! :) She looked so beautiful in it, too!


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