Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pink and White Baptism Reception

After Cupcake's Baptism, we had our family back to the house for a cake and punch reception. I can't tell you how much fun it was to have Jessica right here in person to help decorate and prepare for the celebration. Here are some snippets:
The picture in the black frame is one that our doula took in the operating room when Cupcake was born. She wrote up a beautiful birth story for us and paired it with this sweet picture. I did not make this cake, but I did make the candy cross on top using this mold and a mixture of pink and white candy melts. The cake came from Costco. In the basket are favors the girls and I made for our guests.

We also had a birthday cake to celebrate my mom's birthday. She calls this "death by chocolate" and it was!

 I made the swirled pink and white seashells and the girls made little white roses to add to the favor bags. Jessica made the labels for the dips we set out: ranch, pepper onion relish and cream cheese (that she also made) and hummus.

She even decorated the water bottles with her fancy duct tape just like she did for her daughter's birthday party. The Pink Paradise Punch recipe can be found here. It seemed like everyone liked it. I know Father did! I only used half of the amount of Kool-Aid called for in that recipe and I think that cut down on the sweetness.

And see all the beautiful roses? Those are more of my novena roses (that's what Sunshine calls them now).  We couldn't find any white or pink flowers at the stores, so my mom cut these off the rose bushes and forced some of the buds to open. They were gorgeous and such a perfect addition to the celebration!

*pictures taken by Jessica


  1. It was such a beautiful baptism and reception! I am so glad that I was able to be there with you and your family!!

    The cake turned out so pretty, and the punch WAS delicious. I am going to have to save that recipe! The candies turned out perfect, and my children have all been enjoying the ones that you sent home for them! :) They keep asking to see the pictures of your family, and wishing they could have gone to Texas too. Someday!

  2. What a beautiful celebration!!

    My baby will probably be Baptized around Valentine's day, so we could do a pink and white theme....but if it's a boy, maybe red would be better.

    I love the water bottle tape!!

  3. Jamie,
    I'd be tempted to do black and white scrolls with red accents for a little boy's Valentine Baptism.

  4. Everything is beautiful, Charlotte! What a blessing to have Jessica there to help. I'll have to save that punch recipe.

  5. What a beautiful celebration.:) Love all the pink!

  6. Absolutely beautiful and well done. I'm afraid none of my baptism parties were ever as nice as I wanted because birth and recovery always took the wind out of my sails, but I'm marking this for future inspiration for new grandbabies - if their moms will let me help.

  7. lovely creations for a blessed occasion.

    Deo gratias!


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