Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Tree Bleg

Katherine's comment below reminded me that we are considering getting a larger Christmas tree for next year and now would be a good time to snag one on clearance. We think our space can handle an eight or nine foot artificial tree. Pre-lit is not a must, or is it? You tell me, we've never had one. I don't have time to go from store to store so I'm hoping someone can point me towards a good online sale or a for sure in-store deal at a store that would be in my area...someplace I could call or run in to quickly.

Any suggestions?



  1. Don't get pre-lit... when they start to go you'll end up cutting them out of the tree.. just ask Brett.. once they are all out, it's a beautiful tree.. but .. that's my 2cents...
    You can always add or take away or change your lights on a regular artificial tree. Good luck hunting! S.A.G.

  2. We love our pre-lit. It's our second one...first one was cheap from Big Lots and lasted seven years. This is a much nicer one from Home Depot after Christmas two years ago. It's a GE brand and chock full of lights.

  3. Don't bother with a pre-lit. The lights die (way too soon) and then you get to cut them off - major pain - and then you are left with a regular tree.

    Unless of course the pre-lit has LED lights. Then it would be a great investment!

  4. We get a cut tree now but years before we bought a pre-lit tree on clearance. We weren't looking for pre-lit but it was a beautiful tree at an awesome price. I missed having the choice between white or colored lights (the tree was white). And then the lights went. We didn't cut ours off. Instead we strung them with other lights and while you could see the bulbs of the unlit ones from certain angles, I didn't think it was bad looking by the time everything else is on the tree. So I wouldn't let pre-lit or no make or break a good deal. Have fun finding a new tree!

  5. Prelits are great until a strand goes out. Then plan on having your nerves pushed to the limit when you "try" to unhook them. They are pinned to the branches every 2-3". It takes at least 30 minutes to take a string of 50 off. We had ours for years and each year I battled one or two strands. Inevitably the strands go out after you decorate :). This year 5 strands went out. I wanted to cry! My husbanded ended up stripping the tree of all ornaments and then spent over three hours cutting the lights off. Cutting. :). From our experience, having the luxury of setting up a tree with fully operating lights one time makes us wish we never went that route. The bigger the tree the harder it is. we intend to use the now unlit tree from now on and just easily take on and off the lights ourselves instead having to deal with the clipped on lights. Just our experience shared. Good luck!

  6. We bought a gorgeous tree online from Balsalm Hill, it is pre lit and so pretty. I believe they are made in the US, which I like, and I hope you can find a sale. Ours was not a bargain but something my husband, of all people, picked out. This is our second year with it and we really love it! The branches are really lush.

  7. We've had our prelit tree for 3 years and love it. I'm not sure how I'll feel if the lights start going though! I couldn't find one at the after Christmas sale that wasn't lit or I think I would have chosen unlit just to avoid future problems. Good luck!



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