Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nutella Dream-Cheese Ball

Miss Jennifer is to thank for this inspiration. We made this delightful appetizer to go along with our Christmas Eve mini-pizza buffet. I served it with graham crackers and apple slices. It sure was a hit! I mean, a-grand-slam-out-of-the-park-winning-run-the-Giants-win-the-pennant kind of hit! Yum!!!

Nutella Dream-Cheese Ball

8 ounces, cream cheese, room temperature
¾ cups Nutella
1 cup powdered sugar
⅔ cups mini chocolate chips
⅔ cups toasted chopped hazelnuts (I used almonds.)

Beat cream cheese in stand mixer until smooth. Beat in Nutella until evenly distributed. Slowly beat in powdered sugar. Lay out plastic wrap on a flat surface. Pour the mixture into the plastic wrap. Gather it together into a ball twisting it and secure it with a clothespin or rubber band. Place in a small bowl and refrigerate or freeze for at least two hours. While the ball is chilling, combine nuts and mini chocolate chips. Once fully chilled, roll it in the chocolate chips and nuts to coat. Serve immediately or wrap again in clean plastic and chill until ready to serve. Serve with graham crackers or fruit.


  1. Oh Boy, Charlotte, this does sound like a dream:) Trying to think of a special occasion to try it out! We just used Nutella for our Gingerbread manger...Mmmm:)Feel kind of bad eating a manger, tho!


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