Thursday, December 1, 2011

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I love our Advent mantle.

Happy baby! Happy momma! She slept 6 1/2 hours the other night. Whoo hoo!

You try taking a picture of a not-yet-three month old's first tooth. Can you see it?

My Advent wreath. It's not made out of greenery, real or fake. Heck, it's not even green. The summer drought did a number on our fresh greenery and all of the fake stuff seemed either really ugly or really scratchy this year and really expensive! So I grabbed another strand of metallic silver garland and made my own. I'd still like to get a pretty runner to go under it to cover up our ugly brick hearth. Maybe by the 2nd week of Advent. 


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  1. I really like your advent wreath! I don't think the greenery matters so much as what you're thinking about and praying over during the advent season!

  2. Your mantle photo is beautiful. I love the twinkling garland around the candlelight.

  3. The Advent mantel is wonderful. I really like that.

  4. Oh happy sleep! What a difference sleep makes :)
    Your decorations are beautiful. Our Advent wreath is just the candle holder at the moment - I keep telling myself someday...

  5. Your advent mantle is beautiful. If I put the word patience up on our mantle I'd constantly have people redirecting me to it thus leading to me losing it even more.

    Cupcake has a tooth already?!

  6. Yes, Karen! My babies are early teethers. BigBoy had both bottom teeth in completely by 4 months.

  7. I do think I see a tooth! Wow. I just cant' believe she has her first tooth already!!

    I love your mantle. Very pretty. I really like your silvery garland and wreath, too. I tried to find something similar last year with no luck. Hopefully this year I'll find something nicer than the gold ruffly garland that I used last year, lol.

  8. Sleep, beautiful sleep! I like the advent wreath. Ours is blue and wooden and matches our kitchen since it's always on the table. I guess I never thought it HAD to be greenery. Your mantle is beautiful. I tried this year just gettin out Advent-type decorations (the nativities and Jesse tree). Not sure if my husband really understands what's going on, though.

  9. A TOOTH?! :) Good gravy, lady, my babies don't get teeth till after 8months! :) Hopefully she's still a... gentle... nurser?

    She is cute as a button, that one. I love it when you post pictures of her. :)

  10. Sarah,
    So far, she's been fine. It's going in and out of the gum so I don't always notice it. That's what BigBoy's did too. But he was a biter and by 4 months old I had to stop nursing him and pump for a month so I had time heal. I am hoping we don't have a repeat of that.

  11. I LOVE you're mantle! Where did you find the traveling Joseph and Mary and the Patience sign?

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  13. The patience sign came from Hobby Lobby many years ago and the silhouette is one that I made. You can find my how-to here.

  14. Your mantle looks beautiful! I love the garland and I've always loved the silhouette that you made.

    I stil can't believe that Cupcake has a tooth already. She is such a cutie!!

  15. Oh my goodness--a tooth! Our little one has started drooling and gnawing, and I was sure it was too early for teething!


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